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Is France the euro nation to worry about?

The euro's second-largest economy (and the man who leads it) has been in the spotlight recently. France finds itself in a similar bind as Greece, Italy and Spain -- how do you balance the state budget without crippling economic growth?
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French election outcome might not deliver

If, as expected, socialist Francois Hollande is elected the next president of France this weekend, to what extent will budget realities crimp his ability to ease off the austerity that he believes is hurting the economy?
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Protesters come out for International Workers' Day

It's International Workers' Day -- organized by unions and left-leaning political parties across the world. Thousands of protesters are out on the streets in Greece, France and even Russia.
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French elections could shift euro debt crisis

Incumbent Nicolas Sarkozy came in second yesterday to Socialist Francois Hollande in the first round of voting. The two candidates will face a run-off on May 6th, and the ultimate outcome could have big consequences for Europe's debt crisis.
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In France, saying adieu to 'Mademoiselle' on forms

The word 'Mademoiselle' seems as French as the Eiffel Tower. But from now on, it will be banned from official government forms.
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Moet Hennessy to make bubbly in China

The wine and spirits arm of France's LVMH luxury group announced yesterday it's planning its first vineyard in China to produce a premium sparkling wine.
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