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Health administrator, heal thyself

Americans have the most expensive health care in the world. And a study released today says about 30 cents of every dollar paid for our health goes to administrative costs. Helen Palmer reports.
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Save the poppies

Afghanistan's poppies already supply over 90 of the world's heroin, and this year's crop is huge. The U.S. wants to destroy the poppy fields, but some folks think they have a better idea.
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Putting drug profits to bed?

The FDA has ordered drugmakers to issue strong new warnings about sleeping pills, citing risks of odd behaviors like sleep-eating and sleep-driving. That could cause complications for Big Pharma's bottom line.
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New breast cancer drug on the way

GlaxoSmithKline's new drug Tykerb has won FDA approval to treat aggressive late-stage breast cancer. It could be a blockbuster — for investors and patients.
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FDA gives advice on fresh produce

The FDA issued new guidelines today for fresh-cut produce. But the agency's director says the new guidelines aren't exactly the scientific solution to food-borne illness. Helen Palmer reports.
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$100 million for the brain

The Broad Institute will receive $100 million — the biggest award ever given for psychiatric disease research — to analyze thousands of genetic samples from people with schizophrenia and bipolar disorder.
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Shots all around at L.A.'s restaurants?

Los Angeles County officials are considering whether to give Hepatitis A vaccinations to some 100,000 food-service workers after an infected cook was found to be working for a local catering company. Helen Palmer reports.
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New blood pressure med OK'd

The FDA has approved Tekturna, the first new class of hypertension drug in a decade. Tekturna controls blood pressure for a full 24 hours, but will that edge be enough to compete in a mature market full of cheap generics?
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Fixing the Medicare formula

A special congressional advisory committee met today to try to find ways to curb Medicare costs. As Helen Palmer reports, they may want to provide better incentives to physicians.
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Bird flu market takes flight

Starting today, doctors and other health experts will be able to "bet" on the likelihood of an avian flu pandemic using a new predictive market at the University of Iowa.
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