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Oxycontin maker admits lying about risks

The maker of the powerful painkiller Oxycontin and three of its top executives admit they lied about the drug's addiction risks. As a result, they'll pay a total of $600 million in fines. Helen Palmer reports.
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Is anemia-drug use too red-blooded?

An FDA panel takes a look tomorrow at the use of anemia medications. They're often used by cancer patients, but they're expensive for patients and insurance companies. Helen Palmer reports.
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Bill Clinton, drug deal superstar

The former president has worked out a deal to lower the cost of top-of-the-line AIDS treatment to less than $1 a day in developing nations. That's 50 to 70 percent less, but some say it's still too much. Helen Palmer reports.
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Brazil rejects price of Merck's AIDS drug

Brazil's President Lula da Silva today authorized breaking the patent on Merck's AIDS drug Efavirenz, citing the drug's price. The country will import a generic version from India instead. Helen Palmer reports.
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AstraZeneca pays to play in biotech

The giant pharmaceutical company, maker of the Crestor cholesterol drug, will pay $15.5 billion for MedImmune. Analysts say it's a good move, but the price may be too high. Helen Palmer reports.
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Report: Medicare is very sick

Today's annual report on the fiscal health of the Medicare system is expected to put forth a prognosis so bleak it will trigger the program's first-ever funding warning. And even that probably won't make a difference.
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More flu vaccine than we need

Drug companies are expected to pump out a record 132 million doses of flu vaccine for next winter — even though there were 20 million doses left over this year.
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Medicare drug bill stalls

A bill to allow Medicare to negotiate cheaper drug prices failed in the Senate today, as Democrats couldn't muster enough votes to break a Republican filibuster. Helen Palmer reports.
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First bird flu vaccine for humans OK'd

The vaccine is less than 50 percent effective and only has a shelf life of 18 months, but the FDA says it's still worth approving and stockpiling — because in the event of a pandemic, saving some lives will be better than none.
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Vioxx successor seeks approval

An FDA panel votes today on a new Merck arthritis drug called Arcoxia. It's a super-aspirin like Vioxx, which was pulled off shelves after studies linked use to increased risks of heart attack and stroke. But does this new drug belong on the market?
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