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Just like Wall St., the Earth is overdrawn (two weeks ahead of '07)

Today is Earth Overshoot Day. I'm not certain about the marketing savvy of this phrase as my immediate association is playing basketball at the...
Posted In: Earth Overshoot Day, ecological debt, Footprint Network, marketing

"Location, location, location" - a message lost on Warm Springs Tribes

Planners at The Confederated Tribes of Warm Springs don't seem to be familiar with the well-known marketing mantra: location, location, location....
Posted In: casinos, LEED, siting, Warm Springs

Stop belching, Bessie! You're ruining the environment!

What a riot! How complex is a story about:...
Posted In: cows, methane, Monsanto

FIJI water by the numbers

Manufactured luxury by the numbers:...
Posted In: bottled water, Fiji, Klean Kanteen, Sigg

Does green travel offset emissions.... or just your guilt?

Travel to an eco-resort abroad and mitigate guilt over the GHG emissions used to get there all at the same time! Ah, the confusing lexicon of...
Posted In: certifications, ecotourism, green travel, sustainable tourism

Baking soda is all you need to make your own green cleaning products

I attended a green cleaning party today with a group of voluble, smart women as part of a national Safe Cleaning Products Initiative sponsored by...
Posted In: cleaning products

Burt's Bees takes on cosmetics

The Burt's Bees new ad campaign, fashioned by Pool advertising in New York, raises some magnificently sexy issues that are better than a dog-eared...
Posted In: Burt's Bees, Clorox, cosmetics

The dubious road to Clorox's new GreenWorks product line

Let's start our journey in 2007 when Clorox and the American Red Cross crossed historically strict legal boundaries on using third-party...
Posted In: American Red Cross, cause marketing, Clorox, endorsements, Sierra Club

Tata Nano versus the SUV

I think the Tata Nano is brilliant. Imagine... it gets 50 mpg, is designed for diesel and possibly electric, is cost effective and is sold in kits...
Posted In: India, Tata

Sustainability: a proliferation of definitions

I am thoroughly enjoying Janne's and Jim's sustainability conversation and agree that it's crucial we develop a shared understanding of...
Posted In: definitions, sustainability


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