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Unsafe at any sip: Washington babies lose

And for today's jeopardy: Who is the U.S Trade Representative to China and why did he meddle with Maryland's proposed healthy toy bill? What...
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Nature's Source feels so natural naturally - did I mention natural?

Ever wonder what "natural" means? S.C. Johnson just released a line of new cleaning products called Natures Source (tm) and in the company's press...
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Shell to renewables: I don't want to see you anymore. Don't call me, don't text me.

In a stunning yet not entirely unexpected move, Royal Dutch Shell PLC recently announced it will withdraw its support from any future investment in...
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Clean coal is whatever we say it is!

The Reality Coalition, spearheaded by the Alliance for Climate Protection, hired the Coen Brothers to produce a peppery retort to clean coal supp...

The newest Boy Scout merit badge: Clearcutting and development

(Photo credit: Seattle Post-Intelligencer/Gilbert W. Arias) The Company Line(s): "The Boy Scouts were green before it was cool be to be green."...
Posted In: Boy Scouts, forest management

99% natural and 42% market share, GreenWorks flexes its muscle

Greenworks (tm) cleaning products have now captured a robust 42% of the consumer cleaning products market despite consternation over Clorox's...
Posted In: Clorox

A requiem for ethanol?

Representatives attending the recent American Banker's Association's Agricultural Bankers Conference predict over 40 ethanol companies will fail by...
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Eco-labeled pesticides! Are your hands on fire yet?

As I write, millions of you are using EPA-registered pesticides, likely without knowing it, in a marketing-induced frenzy to rid the world of...
Posted In: Clorox, eco-labels, EPA

Response post: renewables can't be stopped

It looks like Michigan and Washington are closely aligned with their renewable portfolio standards of 10% by 2015 and 15% by 2020, respectively....
Posted In: bailout, renewable energy, Washington


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