Heidi N. Moore is The Guardian's U.S. finance and economics editor. She was formerly the New York bureau chief and Wall Street correspondent for Marketplace.

Prior to joining Marketplace, Moore was a reporter for the Wall Street Journal, where she was the lead writer for the paper’s award-winning Deal Journal online and daily newspaper column during the height (and depths) of the world financial crisis. In addition, she wrote an analysis of banks and mergers and broke news of SEC investigations, big acquisitions, and Barclays Capital buying most of Lehman Brothers out of bankruptcy.  Before that, she was U.S. Bureau Chief for London-based, Dow Jones-owned weekly newspaper and daily website, Financial News. For six years, she was a senior writer covering Wall Street banks and power brokers for The Deal magazine.

Moore’s articles on Wall Street banks and finance have been published in The New York Times, Washington Post, New York Magazine, Financial Times and Slate.  

Moore is a graduate of Columbia University and a native New Yorker. In her free time, Moore enjoys running and traveling.


Features by Heidi N. Moore

Falling gas prices can serve as stimulus

Yesterday, the Federal reserve refused to commit to any extreme stimulus measures for the economy-- at least just yet. That has a ripple effect on commodities like oil.
Posted In: gas, Oil, stimulus

Did Facebook's IPO Reveal a Rigged Market?

Even a full month after Facebook's disastrous IPO, it's clear the deal had far-reaching implications on faith in the markets, for both professional and regular investors.

Awaiting the Federal Reserve's next move

The Fed will wrap up a meeting today in Washington, and the expectation is that policymakers will launch more monetary stimulus to boost the economy.
Posted In: Federal Reserve, stimulus, quantitative easing

Federal Reserve to announce possible monetary policy changes

The U.S. Federal Reserve Open Market Committee finishes two days of meetings today. And we'll have an announcement shortly on what -- if any -- change in monetary policy they might have decided on.
Posted In: Federal Reserve, Ben Bernanke

Who is the Fed's Master?

Everyone's watching today's FOMC rate decision. But at this point, what does a low interest-rate policy accomplish that it hasn't already?

Microsoft unveils new Surface tablet

There's a new tablet in town. It's called the Surface, and it's Microsoft's answer to the iPad. But will the new product, complete with a keyboard and running Windows, be able to compete in the tablet market?
Posted In: Microsoft, tablet, Surface

After Greek elections, crisis wanes, but not over

Greece manages to stay in the eurozone for now, but it is clear that European central banks can't handle too many more bailouts for countries like Spain.
Posted In: Greece

With Greek elections done for now, what's next?

Looking ahead at what's to come for other eurozone countries and what's happening at the G20 summit.
Posted In: Eurozone, Greece, spain, France, Germany, Francois Hollande, G20 summit

A Normal Person's Guide to the Big Fat Greek Election

Greeks are deciding on their next political leaders today - and, not incidentally, the fate of the eurozone. If Greeks reject austerity, many are predicting a worldwide financial panic. Here's what you need to know.

Jamie Dimon Welcomes You to the Next Financial Crisis

Jamie Dimon's testimony this week has been sliced and diced in the financial press, and for the most part Dimon got off easy. But his scariest statement - that JP Morgan was planning to make money in a global credit crisis - now seems the most interesting and prescient.


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