Heidi N. Moore is The Guardian's U.S. finance and economics editor. She was formerly the New York bureau chief and Wall Street correspondent for Marketplace.

Prior to joining Marketplace, Moore was a reporter for the Wall Street Journal, where she was the lead writer for the paper’s award-winning Deal Journal online and daily newspaper column during the height (and depths) of the world financial crisis. In addition, she wrote an analysis of banks and mergers and broke news of SEC investigations, big acquisitions, and Barclays Capital buying most of Lehman Brothers out of bankruptcy.  Before that, she was U.S. Bureau Chief for London-based, Dow Jones-owned weekly newspaper and daily website, Financial News. For six years, she was a senior writer covering Wall Street banks and power brokers for The Deal magazine.

Moore’s articles on Wall Street banks and finance have been published in The New York Times, Washington Post, New York Magazine, Financial Times and Slate.  

Moore is a graduate of Columbia University and a native New Yorker. In her free time, Moore enjoys running and traveling.

Features By Heidi N. Moore



August 2: default day, or just another Tuesday

Several banks now say the Treasury Department will collect more in taxes than planned, possibly pushing back the debt ceiling deadline.

Debt talk: Still no deal

Washington took to the airwaves yesterday to explain why there was still no plan to raise the debt ceiling. Meanwhile, Wall Street is holding its breath and hoping for a deal before the August 2nd deadline.

Credit agencies heighten warning on U.S. debt

As politicians quarrel over a deal to raise the debt limit, Moody's joins Standard & Poor's in warning it might cut the U.S. credit rating.

Could bank profits translate into jobs?

The second-largest U.S. bank said it earned more than $5 billion last quarter, as New York bureau chief Heidi Moore explains.
Posted In: Banks

Federal Reserve keeps stimulus options open

The latest stimulus round is over. But Bernanke tells Congress that if needed, the Fed will act again to try to prime pump the economy.
Posted In: The Federal Reserve

They Are Day Traders. Hear them Roar.

Wall Street has never lacked the energy, time or inclination for chest-beating and strutting. Until now, however, much of that behavior has...

Mutual fund managers invest in emerging markets

Emerging markets like China, India, Brazil are growing fast, but the risks taken there could be major.
Posted In: Wall Street

Reporter's Notebook: A Pep Talk on the U.S. Economy

Chris Hyzy (pronounced high-zee) is the chief investment officer of U.S. Trust. Hyzy looks sporty, like the avid ex-baseball player he used to be....

"The notion that lower taxes are the solution to all problems infuriates me."

My favorite question to ask experts is this: "What are people getting wrong right now?"...

Reporter's Notebook: Why Wall Streeters Retire Unhappy

Gillian Tett interviews Robert Hormats on the challenges of globalization at the Aspen Ideas Festival this week. ASPEN, Colo.--Here at the Aspen...


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