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World Cup lottery has a large draw

Over 3,000 people will be in Durban, South Africa this weekend to witness the preliminary draw for the next men's soccer World Cup. Gretchen Wilson reports TV networks will spend billions to broadcast the lottery.
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Sustaining business growth in Africa

Sub-Saharan economies have been growing between 5-7 percent a year, benefits which the IMF and World Bank believe will have a lingering effect. Gretchen Wilson reports how a focus on business can help.
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Global reach of U.S. subprime slump

The ripple effects of the American subprime crisis is the big topic at the G-20 economic summit in South Africa, but no one's sure just yet how it might affect global markets. Gretchen Wilson reports.
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Africa's resources get global attention

Finance leaders from industrialized and major emerging economies are converging on Cape Town, South Africa for meetings of the Group of Twenty, or G-20. Gretchen Wilson reports that Africa is getting more notice thanks to a strain on global resources.
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South Africa's gold market is glistening

Gold is close to being at an all-time -- which is good news for South Africa, the world's leading gold producer. Gretchen Wilson looks into what's making gold a popular investment right now.
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Connecting Africans to Web potential

There are nearly a billion people on the continent of Africa, and only 4 percent of the population has Internet access. But some companies connect web access with new market potential and job creation. Gretchen Wilson reports.

Potential for disaster in urban slums

Urban areas in lower and middle-income countries are growing fast, and the conditions of the slums are enough to call for humanitarian efforts. Gretchen Wilson gives us the story from one such area in Johannesburg.

Zimbabwe's shelves are bare

It's almost impossible to find staples like bread or rice in Zimbabwe. With inflation officially at 6,000%, supermarkets have stopped stocking shelves. And that's forcing people to travel hundreds of miles and across the border to buy groceries. Gretchen Wilson reports.
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Supporters of apartheid might pay

A decision by a New York court is allowing survivors of South African apartheid violence to seek damages from U.S. companies who supported the regime. Gretchen Wilson has more.
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War at cost of aid in Africa

A report out today says conflicts in Africa have cost the continent $284 billion since 1990. That's about equal to what's being funneled there in international aid. Gretchen Wilson has more.


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