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Impasse prolongs Zimbabwe's pain

Zimbabwean President Robert Mugabe is being blamed by his opposition and economists for the collapse of what was once southern Africa's breadbasket. And the nation's current political impasse is only prolonging its pain. Gretchen Wilson reports.

Arms may be headed to Zimbabwe

Zimbabwe election results remain under wraps, but today a new twist in the troubled nation's saga: South African officials confirm a Chinese ship carrying arms has been cleared through South African customs. Gretchen Wilson reports.

Zimbabwe crisis taxing neighbors

Today, Zimbabawe's High Court is supposed to rule on election results -- from two weeks ago. Meanwhile, as the country's severe economic crisis worsens, 3 million people have fled to neighboring countries.

Tourists finding Namibia

Where are you planning to go on your next vacation? Orlando? Florida? How about Namibia? Gretchen Wilson reports why Namibia is becoming a great place to visit -- and not just for Brad Pitt and Anjolena Jolie.
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Voting with their stomachs

Zimbabwe has gone from being a net food exporting country to one with a critical food shortage -- all of which will play into Sunday's presidential election. Marketplace's Africa correspondent Gretchen Wilson talks with Kai Ryssdal about the nation's crisis.

Loads of hope and food for Zimbabwe

Overwhelmed by hyperinflation, food is one of the only things with real value in Zimbabwe. Gretchen Wilson reports from a lot in Johannesburg, where passengers are loading a bus to capital city Harare with food.

Third World export: security guards

The number of civilian contractors killed in Iraq last year rose 17%. Not all of them were Americans. Private security firms are increasingly using third-country nationals to support the war. Gretchen Wilson reports from Namibia.

Zimbabwe's new 'empowerment' law

Zimbabwean President Robert Mugabe has signed a new law that gives blacks the right to a majority share in all companies owned by whites, Asians and foreigners. Gretchen Wilson reports on the move to stimulate the economy.
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China speaks out on Darfur

Pledging $100 million to Darfur peace efforts, President Bush noted human suffering should preempt commercial interests. Gretchen Wilson reports what China is saying and that the country is calling on the West to do more.

Africa's price for U.S. aid

President Bush is visiting Africa and signing an aid package worth nearly $700 million. Doug Krizner talks to Gretchen Wilson in Johannesburg, South Africa about the conditions African countries meet for U.S. aid.


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