Gregory Warner is a senior reporter for Marketplace, covering the business and economics of health care for the entire Marketplace portfolio. He’s taken on questions as varied as how drugs get named, how ineffective procedures become popular, and how politicians fuel a costly medical arms race.

Warner started at Marketplace in November of 2009. Previously, he freelanced radio stories from conflict zones such as Afghanistan, Pakistan and DR Congo. Before becoming a radio reporter, he lived in New York working as an investigator of police brutality and a jazz pianist in a piano bar.

Warner’s favorite interviews are ones where he takes a journey with people. Recent examples include jogging with a homeless persons’ running club in Philadelphia, enduring ‘empathy training’ with call center reps in Ky., and undergoing fear-based alcoholism treatment in Moscow.

Warner holds a degree in English from Yale. In 2009, he was awarded Best News Feature from the Third Coast International Audio Festival for a Marketplace and Homelands Productions profile of a Congolese miner. He also has two Edward R. Murrow awards and awards from Associated Press, Sigma Delta Chi (from the Society for Professional Journalists), New York Festivals and PRNDI.

Warner was born in New York and currently resides in Philadelphia. In his free time, he enjoys biking, Werner Herzog films, and making up songs for his 8-month-old son.


Features by Gregory Warner

Prescription drug managment companies consolidate

Express Scripts agrees to buy Medco Health Solutions to gain market clout.
Posted In: Health

Would the FDA have approved the first personal computer?

Congressional committee hears comments today on FDA approvals for medical devices.
Posted In: Health

The risks of quick drug approval

Major safety problems are not uncovered until after the drugs are approved.
Posted In: Health

Differences in Medicaid spending, state by state

A new study is the first to give an apples-to-apples comparison of how states spend their money on Medicaid.
Posted In: Health

Stalemate over debt ceiling worries investors

Some predict the longer the issue stays unresolved, the worse it'll be for the economic recovery.

Health care spending: A lot for a few

A new report says about 5 percent of us are responsible for almost half of all health care spending in the U.S.
Posted In: Health

Avastin could lose FDA approval

In an unprecedented public hearing at the FDA, the drug Avastin could lose its approval for treatment of breast cancer.
Posted In: Health

Pfizer tries to extend its Viagra patent

If drugmaker Pfizer loses a court battle today to generic manufacturer Teva over patent protection, the famous blue pill will be more cheaply available.
Posted In: Health

The supermarket solution

How the art and science of selling food can be redirected to fight obesity.
Posted In: Health

Employers might dump insurance

A new study says many employers would stop offering workers health coverage under reform.
Posted In: Health


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