Gregory Warner is a senior reporter for Marketplace, covering the business and economics of health care for the entire Marketplace portfolio. He’s taken on questions as varied as how drugs get named, how ineffective procedures become popular, and how politicians fuel a costly medical arms race.

Warner started at Marketplace in November of 2009. Previously, he freelanced radio stories from conflict zones such as Afghanistan, Pakistan and DR Congo. Before becoming a radio reporter, he lived in New York working as an investigator of police brutality and a jazz pianist in a piano bar.

Warner’s favorite interviews are ones where he takes a journey with people. Recent examples include jogging with a homeless persons’ running club in Philadelphia, enduring ‘empathy training’ with call center reps in Ky., and undergoing fear-based alcoholism treatment in Moscow.

Warner holds a degree in English from Yale. In 2009, he was awarded Best News Feature from the Third Coast International Audio Festival for a Marketplace and Homelands Productions profile of a Congolese miner. He also has two Edward R. Murrow awards and awards from Associated Press, Sigma Delta Chi (from the Society for Professional Journalists), New York Festivals and PRNDI.

Warner was born in New York and currently resides in Philadelphia. In his free time, he enjoys biking, Werner Herzog films, and making up songs for his 8-month-old son.


Features by Gregory Warner

Mummers will pay to keep on marching

Philadelphia said it couldn't afford its New Year's Day Mummers Parade this year. So to keep the century-old tradition alive, the Mummers pulled together to pay the city $150,000 to march. Gregory Warner reports.

Health bill would offer high-risk pool

Many major provisions in the House and Senate health care reform bills wouldn't take effect for a long time after passage. But one part that would start right away could help unstick the economy -- if it works. Gregory Warner reports.
Posted In: Health

Health provision gives insurers a bonus

Now that the public option is off the table for the Senate health-care bill, the insurance industry will get 30 million new customers. Gregory Warner reports on another part of the bill that's going to work out well for insurers, too.
Posted In: Health

On this episode of Health Care Overhaul

It's been a wild week in the political fight over how to overhaul the U.S. health-care system. Having a little trouble keeping track of what's going on? Gregory Warner gives an update.
Posted In: Health

Aghanistan's pre-Islamic art

Ancient artifacts from Afghanistan's pre-Islamic past are the focus of a exhibit touring the U.S., but as Gregory Warner reports, many valuable artworks still in Afghanistan need protection.
Posted In: Science

Afghanistan's bumpy road to recovery

One of the biggest reasons Afghanistan's revival can't get traction is the poor roads that make getting from place to place a struggle. Greg Warner reports.

Afghanistan working to bare fruit

Afghanistan has an age-old reputation as an exporter of high quality nuts and dried fruits, but many orchards and a great deal of knowledge were lost in wartime. Gregory Warner explores the country's seeds of regrowth.
Posted In: Agriculture

Afghans fall prey to pyramid scheme

Crippled by decades of war, the government of Afghanistan has little or no power to stop illegal or questionable enterprises. Now a classic investment swindle has entagled thousands of Afghans hoping for a brighter future. Gregory Warner reports.
Posted In: Crime, Investing


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