Gregory Warner is a senior reporter for Marketplace, covering the business and economics of health care for the entire Marketplace portfolio. He’s taken on questions as varied as how drugs get named, how ineffective procedures become popular, and how politicians fuel a costly medical arms race.

Warner started at Marketplace in November of 2009. Previously, he freelanced radio stories from conflict zones such as Afghanistan, Pakistan and DR Congo. Before becoming a radio reporter, he lived in New York working as an investigator of police brutality and a jazz pianist in a piano bar.

Warner’s favorite interviews are ones where he takes a journey with people. Recent examples include jogging with a homeless persons’ running club in Philadelphia, enduring ‘empathy training’ with call center reps in Ky., and undergoing fear-based alcoholism treatment in Moscow.

Warner holds a degree in English from Yale. In 2009, he was awarded Best News Feature from the Third Coast International Audio Festival for a Marketplace and Homelands Productions profile of a Congolese miner. He also has two Edward R. Murrow awards and awards from Associated Press, Sigma Delta Chi (from the Society for Professional Journalists), New York Festivals and PRNDI.

Warner was born in New York and currently resides in Philadelphia. In his free time, he enjoys biking, Werner Herzog films, and making up songs for his 8-month-old son.


Features by Gregory Warner

Price chop for vaccines for world's poor

Western pharmaceutical companies cut prices after UNICEF publicizes what they charge for life-saving vaccines.
Posted In: Health

Sony Pictures website hacked

As the company continues to recovery from the recent hack of its PlayStation Network, Sony has been hit once again by an attack -- this time on its movies site.

Fiat to buy U.S. Treasury's sake in Chrysler

The Italian automaker will pay $500 million for the U.S. government's remaining 6 percent in Chrysler -- allowing Fiat to gain the majority stake in the American automaker.
Posted In: Auto

Goldman subpoenaed over role in financial crisis

The bank received a subpoena from the Manhattan DA to explore information about its involvement in the global financial crisis.
Posted In: Banks

Are we on the verge of a 'double dip?'

With discouraging economic reports in jobs and manufacturing and a significant drop on Wall Street yesterday, some worry the economy is headed into a second recession.
Posted In: Economy

WHO says cell phones are 'possibly carcinogenic'

The World Health Organization says mobile phone use might increase the risks of certain types of brain tumors, especially in children and teenagers.
Posted In: Health

Report: John Bryson to be named Commerce Secretary by Obama

President Barack Obama is expected to nominate the former chairman and CEO of Edison International John Bryson as the next commerce secretary. The president will make a formal announcement later today.

AT&T-T-Mobile merger faces potential opposition

If the merger is approved, AT&T and T-Mobile will form the largest carrier in the cell phone service market. While some customers may be pleased by the better coverage the two can provide, others -- like competitor Sprint -- are not as happy.
Posted In: Mergers and Acquisitions

Remember sunscreen -- and your health insurance

The White House is reaching out to young adults to make sure as many 20-somethings get health insurance as possible.
Posted In: Health

Forty percent of young people can't pay health bills

A new study finds that a large group of young people -- and over half of young women -- are struggling with paying medical bills. Will things change with Obamacare?
Posted In: Health


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