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California faces its first mandatory water cuts in the state's history amid drought

Fun Fact Friday: The thirst is real in California

In which we unpacked the week with Cardiff Garcia and Linette Lopez.
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It was a cheesy week.

Fun Fact Friday: Much ado about macaroni and cheese

A look at the week that was plus a few fun facts from this week in news.
Posted In: Kraft, Iditarod, standardized tests

Fun Fact Friday: Uber might be ruining our economy

Plus some of the other great stuff we learned listening to Marketplace this week
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China topped our headlines this week. Above, a Chinese investor walks past an investment map showing suitable property markets for wealthy Chinese to invest in at the International Property Expo in Beijing.

Fun fact Friday: A lot of business buzz

We traveled the world to bring you the best in business news this week.
Posted In: China, bees, Israel, growth rates, defense spending, foreign aid
Campbell Soup Co. post low earnings allegedly due to strong dollar.

Fun Fact Friday: It's a soupy mess

We discuss the week that was and highlight a few fun facts from the week in news.
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The Instagram logo is displayed on an Apple iPhone.

Fun Fact Friday: Social media, still a thing making tons of money

Catherine Rampell from The Washington Post and Sudeep Reddy of the Wall Street Journal wrap up the week in news. But, what else did we learn this week?
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Hours before he died, New York Times Columnist David Carr moderated a panel discussion on Feb. 12, 2015, in New York City.

Weekly roundup: In the media, some tough goodbyes

Highlights from the week, on the air and online.
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State of the Union

State of the Union, by the numbers

Some numbers to help you with State of the Union trivia.
Posted In: State of the Union, The Great Gatsby, public policy

TSA crowdsources crowd problems

The airport security agency offers a prize to keep its "fast-lane" program fast.
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