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Scaled-back newspapers leave older readers behind

As more newspapers scale back production to just three or four days a week, what will come of subscribers who prefer paper to pixels?
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Retailers want online Memorial Day shoppers

You've heard of Cyber Monday in November. Well, retailers now want an online holiday for Memorial Day.
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Even in Alabama, it's hard to get a home loan

Alabama wasn't hit hard by the housing collapse, and prices are now rising. But it's still difficult to get a home loan there.
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Postal Service layoffs will hit minorities

Working at the post office has long been a way for African-Americans and others to rise up to the middle class. But at least 35,000 USPS jobs will soon be lost.
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Alabama's immigration law could slow foreign business

Alabama has attracted top car manufacturers, but some of their foreign workers have been arrested by police. It worries business leaders trying to attract new companies.
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The birth of a new career

New programs help low-income women train to become doulas and birthing assistants.
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Jefferson County, Ala., files for bankruptcy

The largest municipal bankruptcy filing in U.S. history happened in Jefferson County, Ala., yesterday.
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Jefferson County close to bankruptcy

If the Alabama county can't settle a $3.2 billion debt, it would be the largest municipal bankruptcy in U.S. history

Police knock Alabama's new immigration law

Law enforcement in the Cotton State says it doesn't have the resources to implement measures to root out illegal immigrants.
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Delta Air Lines wants to permanently eliminate 'lost' bags

A new feature tracks your luggage the same way FedEx or UPS tracks a package. But will it get airline passengers to check bags more often?
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