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Webrooming, it's like reverse 'showrooming'

Brick and mortar retailers are hitting back against customers who shop in the store, but buy online.
Posted In: showrooming, online shopping, Target, Best Buy

Kids: Program or be programmed

If you think of a classroom day as an economy, there are some who don’t believe coding should get a piece of it.
Posted In: coding,

Move over, pizza — more restaurants are delivering

Profit margins are slim, so more chains are starting to make home deliveries.
Posted In: restaurants

Walmart and other retailers will do anything to get shoppers in the door this holiday

Walmart and other retail chains are rolling out plans for making the most from a short shopping season.
Posted In: Walmart, Black Friday, holidays

Could the Supreme Court deal another blow to unions?

The Supreme Court hears arguments Wednesday in a case that could weaken union-organizing efforts.
Posted In: unions, labor, blue collar, Supreme Court, scotus

Army ROTC gets cut across the country

Early last month, the Army announced that by 2015, it'll cut 13 ROTC programs across the country.
Posted In: ROTC Navy, Air Force ROTC

Alabama rolls out a (tattered?) red carpet for companies

Alabama has a new campaign to lure companies and tourists to the state. But first it's asking everyone to forget what they think they know about Alabama.
Posted In: Alabama, branding, Re-branding, slogan

A new magazine takes off, but only in first class seats

United debuts an in-flight magazine, titled Rhapsody, for high-end and business travelers.
Posted In: Airlines, UAL, rhapsody, publishing

New job title: Mansion reporter

Publications are hiring reporters to cover the luxury life. Could you qualify?
Posted In: luxury, wealth, Jobs

Tapering tops the agenda at the Federal Reserve

The Fed buys billions of dollars worth of bonds each month to pump cash into our financial system. The question in front of the the Fed Board today: when should they start to slow the buying down.
Posted In: Fed, bond buying, tapering, Federal Reserve


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