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Philippe Benito, left, demonstrates U.S. brand Tupperware in Lyon, France, in 2011 at the home of a young woman who organized the gathering around a cooking class.

Meet the woman who brought you the Tupperware Party

Brownie Wise pioneered sale of products at home parties. Then Tupperware fired her.
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Is unemployment really worse in the South?

Jobless rates are up in some Southern states. But the numbers may be misleading.
Posted In: Unemployment, South, job market

Why are so many holidays on Mondays?

Some worry that people are too busy spending to remember why they have a day off.

A new game for neighborhood parks: marketing

Public parks are trying to get people away from screens and into the community.
Posted In: urban parks, marketing

New York begins free universal pre-kindergarten

Free universal pre-K begins as part of an initiative by new mayor Bill de Blasio.
Posted In: preschool, day care, New York

Co-working gains steam, so is the business behind it

We explore whether this new office business model is here to stay.
Posted In: coworking, Sharing, telecommuting, office

Is Wal-Mart rethinking its business approach?

How will Wal-Mart's socially-responsible initiatives fit with its corporate goals?
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School staffing up nearly 400%, but not with teachers

Hiring teacher's aides played a big part in this increase. We look at the 'why'.
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Wells Fargo bank

Wells Fargo, other big banks could see lower profits

Wells Fargo has 17 quarters of positive earnings, but that might change on Friday.
Posted In: Wells Fargo, Banks

Facebook's unassuming jobs program

Facebook and other corporations are pouring money into colleges. Why?
Posted In: Facebook, public universities


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