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Some same-sex couples still struggle at tax time

Living in a state that doesn't recognize same-sex marriages can mean multiple income-tax returns.
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A General Motors' worker assembles a Cadillac ATS on the assembly line at the General Motors Lansing Grand River Assembly Plant, 2012.

Ahead of labor talks, GM puts pressure on itself

GM's $10 billion shareholder payout could have autoworkers pushing for a raise.
Posted In: GM, labor, negotiations, United Auto Workers

Goldman Sachs could lose a financial weapon

The Federal Reserve might put limits on the bank's buying back of its own stock.
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A salesman shows off a Microsoft Surface outside a Microsoft pop-up store in New York.

It's getting harder to sell sales jobs

The tech industry is especially having difficulty finding qualified people who want to sell
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Ads shown before YouTube ISIS video

Algorithms created awkward ad placement.
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Brooklyn-based company Etsy filed for a $100 million IPO, Wednesday.

Dollar signs on the doilies

Etsy's scaling up, but how does that sit with its socially-minded users?
Posted In: Etsy, DIY, IPO, public offering
Gas prices are inching up again on the West Coast.

The volatility of gasoline prices

Gas prices seem to decline more slowly than they recover
Posted In: gas prices, explainer, cheap oil

Advertising is built into 'House of Cards'

Netflix doesn't carry ads, but its original shows have a lot of product placement.
Posted In: netflix, product placement, advertising

Sex discrimination suit set to start in Silicon Valley

The case highlights how women still struggle to find a place in venture capital.
Posted In: discrimination, women jobs race economy, Silicon Valley

Wal-Mart to workers: we'll give you a schedule

Like many retailers, Wal-Mart had a system where employee hours constantly changed.
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