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Why other cities want to copy Austin's innovative spirit

How has the capital of Texas became a hub for innovation and job creation, and what can other aspiring cities learn from Austin?
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Abandoned buildings get starring role in social media

Some people like to go into old, vacant buildings to post photos and video of their exploits on social media sites like Instagram and Flickr. Sometimes, that can be an advantage for real estate agents.
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A controversy over how Deepwater Horizon cleanup funds are being spent

Last week, BP and five coastal states affected by the Deepwater Horizon spill announced $594 million in projects funded by BP for early restoration of the Gulf. A lot of the money is being spent on stuff not related to the spill at all, especially on repairing damage from various hurricanes.
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The number mental health advocates want you to talk about

The folks at Mental Health America are encouraging people to complete a three-minute online screening as part of Mental Health Month.
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The least flexible part of the Workplace Flexibility Act (for workers)

Critics say the Workplace Flexibility Act of 2013 isn’t about increased flexibility for workers, but about flexibility for employers.
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New study details the costs and benefits of Medicaid

In Oregon, researchers followed 10,000 new enrollees in Medicaid. They used more health care services, but had more to spend on other necessities.
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Going for dollars, public universities are taking more out-of-state students

It's decision day for students, and many of them will be going out of state. Who loses in this equation?
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The battle over your car stereo: Where satellite radio stands against streaming services

XM/Sirius dominate the car satellite market, and car sales have bounced back right along with the rest of the economy. But will their success continue against a future of Rdio, Pandora and Spotify?
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Taking the sting out of tuition

High-priced private colleges are offering students tuition breaks even when they don't need them.
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Retail, Tech, Shipping: Amazon is all in

The CIA has reportedly recruited Amazon to develop a private cloud for American intelligence gathering. So is there any sector Amazon isn't involved in these days?
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