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For Apple, the Chinese market is getting tougher

Economic slowdowns and market turmoil could hurt the company's sales.
Posted In: apple, China, iPhone

Probes and enrollment woes burn University of Phoenix

The school hasn’t hit rock bottom, but it’s well on its way, says one observer.
Posted In: University of Phoenix, for-profit colleges, higher education

Shopping for a house? Check out the garden.

Backyard gardens add value at a time when fresh and local food is in vogue.
Posted In: gardening, gardens, urban gardens

A pothole for bike-sharing programs: helmets

Ridership goes down when they are required, research shows.
Posted In: safety, bicycling, helmet
The New England Patriots play the Seattle Seahawks during Super Bowl XLIX on February 1, 2015 in Glendale, Arizona.

How the NFL made itself a year-round sport

Scattering events over many months keeps fans buzzing on Facebook and Twitter.
Posted In: NFL, football, culture

Using colleges' names? They're looking for you.

Universities are aggressive about protecting their trademark rights.
Posted In: baking, college, Food

Stop thinking Netflix is a movie service

Parting ways with Epix won't be a big blow. It's focusing on its own programming.
Posted In: hulu, netflix, movies

Expect more volatility. But don't let it freak you out

The hallmark of Wall Street activity this week has been volatility. Expect more.
Posted In: Wall Street, stock markets, investment, Volatility, trading

'Don't panic' is good advice even if you're retiring

Are you 65? Don't put your savings in stock, but don't sell at the bottom, either.
Posted In: Retirement, Financial advisers, finance


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