Eve Troeh is News Director at WWNO-FM in New Orleans, Louisiana, helping build the first public radio news department in the station’s 40-year history. She reported for the Marketplace Sustainability Desk from 2010 to 2013.

Troeh started at Marketplace in 2008 as part of the Marketplace Money production staff. Joining Marketplace’s sustainability desk in 2010, her first major assignment was attending the 2010 United Nations Framework Convention on Climate Change in Cancun, Mexico, an experience she called the best, and most rigorous, introduction to global sustainability issues. Troeh also filed stories from the Gulf of Mexico after the BP oil spill. 

Troeh enjoys her work as a radio reporter because it provides the opportunity to go behind the scenes, “Whether it’s a forgotten 19th century steam pipe system, international climate change negotiations, or a free-range hog farm, I get a thrill out of seeing how things work.”

Prior to Marketplace, Troeh worked as a freelance reporter in New Orleans, filing stories for the major public radio programs before and after Hurricane Katrina. She also served as an editor at the public radio music show American Routes.

Troeh holds undergraduate degrees in anthropology and journalism from the University of Southern California, and attended the University of Oslo as a Rotary Ambassadorial Scholar.

Originally from Juneau, Alaska, Troeh grew up in Sainte Genevieve, Mo., and now lives in New Orleans, La.

Features By Eve Troeh



White House floats driving tax

The per-gallon gas tax is not enough to pay for road repairs. The Obama administration is exploring a new funding scheme.
Posted In: Taxes

Boeing, Lockheed Martin lose Indian defense deal

Two American aircraft makers lost an $11 billion contract with the Indian air force for 126 fighter jets.
Posted In: Airlines

AIG sues two money managers over losses

American International Group has sued ICP Asset Management and Moore Capital. AIG contends it lost millions of dollars insuring mortgage securities that the companies knew were going to fail.
Posted In: Wall Street

All ears on Bernanke's language at press conference

The Federal Reserve will host its first ever press conference today starring Fed chief Ben Bernanke. The Fed's nuanced language in today's public statement is intended to calm nervous markets and bankers.
Posted In: The Federal Reserve

New 'Facebook Deals' launches in five cities

The newest addition to the social media giant will tap into the booming online coupon market. But can Facebook beat out companies like Groupon and LivingSocial?

Walmart begins testing home-delivery option

Walmart announced the launch of their new test service in San Jose, California, which allows customers to shop and order online for home delivery.
Posted In: Retail

St. Louis airport to be fully operational by midweek

St. Louis' Lambert Airport has partially resumed flights after a powerful tornado ripped off part of the roof and shattered hundreds of windows in the main terminal.
Posted In: Airlines

Earth Day used to be about the earth

Now, this day of environmental activism has morphed into one of corporate promotion.
Posted In: Environment

Shrimpers try to catch customers through online market

Louisiana shrimp season just got underway. The BP spill made it harder to sell seafood from the Gulf of Mexico, but new online marketing and sales could help fishermen lure customers.
Posted In: Environment

Scientists lack oil to study BP spill

In the year since the Gulf oil spill, scientific research has been delayed because BP says it can't spare samples to study.
Posted In: Oil


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