Features by Erin Toner

Wallpaper makes a comeback

A story of “what’s old is new again.”
Posted In: wallpaper, decoration, home decor

Missing from the mattress store: Salespeople

One Wisconsin retailer is experimenting with zero employees on showroom floor.
Posted In: sales, Bed Bath and Beyond, furniture, furniture dealers

Nurse-led clinics: No doctors required

Some communities rely heavily on nurses to fill their healthcare needs.
Posted In: nurses, primary care, ACA

E-filing increasing, but tax professionals still find their form

The IRS says e-filing by individuals has been increasing every year, but that doesn't necessarily mean tax professionals are taking a hit.
Posted In: IRS, Taxes

Harley-Davidson pulls the plug on factory floor music

Harley-Davidson factories no longer allow music on the assembly line, due to safety concerns.
Posted In: factory, workplace safety

Wisconsin recall vote taps economic divide

Gov. Walker's success in weakening public employee unions inspires opposition -- and admiration.
Posted In: Scott Walker, Wisconsin

Number of roll-your-own cigarette shops billows

It's cheaper to roll your own cigarettes. But regulators say roll-your-own shops are really cigarette manufacturers, subject to all applicable laws and taxes.
Posted In: Crime

Contract uncertainty prods public employees to retire early

Efforts in many states to roll back collective bargaining rights for public employees raise concerns that agreed-upon pension benefits could be changed. Many employees are opting to retire early as a result.
Posted In: Retirement
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