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Fraught relations between Democrats and unions

Democratic governors caught between general support of unions and cutting unionized state employees.
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Does 'it's the budget, stupid' resonate with voters?

Republican veep pick Paul Ryan a name for himself by proposing deep cuts in the federal budget. Will his focus on budget issues play well in November?
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Census Bureau considers change to head count

"Hispanic" would be an option for race, but some worry the change could have financial consequences.
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Top-tier universities offer online classes for free

But these still won't compete with the brick-and-mortar institutions.
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The influence of the vice president

As Romney prepares to tap running mate, historians say vice presidents have a mostly unseen role in shaping policy.
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International AIDS Conference returns to U.S.

For the first time since 1990, the six-day event this week in Washington, D.C., comes amid talk of a possible cure and concerns about future funding and private research.
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Medicare, Social Security get annual checkup

A trustee report on the fiscal health of Medicare and Social Security will allow political parties to spin their message.
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Runner calls attention to advertising ban

Olympic athlete Nick Symmonds wants runners to sport personal sponsorships. Meet officials fear angering event sponsors.
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Fracking linked to more Midwest earthquakes

The U.S. Geological Survey says a "remarkable" increase of earthquakes in the U.S. mid-continent since 2001 is "almost certainly" the result of oil and gas production. How will these findings impact the fracking industry?
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Fund for U.S. exporters gets Tea Party scrutiny

The Senate Banking Committee will decide whether to reauthorize the Export-Import Bank, which supports U.S. jobs through exports. But small government advocates say it's time to rethink the program.
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