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Pink slips

Corporate layoffs have been fast and furious, more than a million so far this year. Last month alone the rate of job cuts at U.S. firms was the...

Goldman Sachs as online bank

Goldman Sachs could raise money as an Internet bank to cushion the firm against a possible 2 billion dollar loss. Here's the story.

Showdown for the showroom

The Big Three are facing pressure to close the sale today on a federal bailout. Top brass will deliver turnaround business plans to Congress in...
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Iraq war films struggle at box office

Even though several high-profile Iraq war films have failed at the box office, there are several more in the pipeline. Doug Krizner talks to Variety's Mike Speier about why these films fail commercially even with critical acclaim.
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Stepping down from power in Ireland

This morning, Irish Prime Minister Bertie Ahern, who was in power for more than a decade, announced his resignation. Doug Krizner talks to Dublin reporter Louise Williams about how he came to the decision to step down.

Baggage trouble continues at Heathrow

Another day, another 50 flights canceled at London's Heathrow airport. Doug Krizner talks to Stephen Beard about the current computerized baggage snafu and how the staff is dealing with massive amounts of trouble.
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Social fans support artists' careers

Some musicians are putting their own slant on social networking by starting their own sites. Doug Krizner talks to Billboard's Bill Werde about the evolving relationship between artist and fan and how diehards are getting more involved.
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Why the Fed should be decisive

A Federal rate cut is expected, but the rate's magnitude is up for debate. Doug Krizner talks to economist Peter Morici about why the Fed should act decisively to rescue the system, and not necessarily because it deserves it.
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Asian markets keep eyes on U.S.

Asian markets are reacting to the financial market news in the U.S., and the markets are down sharply. Doug Krizner talks to Lindsay Whipp of The Financial Times in Tokyo about some of the main concerns in Japan and Hong Kong.
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Trent Reznor pulls a Radiohead

Trent Reznor bypassed the record company and took Nine Inch Nail's new release straight to the Internet. Doug Krizner talks to Billboard Magazine's Bill Werde about artists' trend of cutting out the label.
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