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Own a piece of punk rock history

To connect with a younger market, Christie's is auctioning off punk rock memorabilia -- from rare Clash posters to photographs of stars. Diantha Parker reports some items are even priced in the low hundreds.
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Touch it and you'll pay

The Pay By Touch system is true to the name -- it works by allowing customers to pay for things with a touch of their finger. Diantha Parker found out how it work when she tested out the system at a Shell station in Chicago.
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Targeting ancient tablets to settle a score

American courts have awarded about <nobr>$6 billion</nobr> to U.S. citizens injured in terrorist attacks funded by Iran. One group of victims is trying to get Iran to pay up in an unusual way. Diantha Parker reports.
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Measuring this season of giving

2005 was a banner year for philanthropy as Hurricane Katrina and tsunami relief efforts spurred worldwide donations reaching $250 billion. But what happens in a year with no causes on that scale? Diantha Parker reports.

Kroger stays competitive

The supermarket industry has become hotly competitive since Wal-Mart came onto the field, but Kroger has continued to post strong numbers. Diantha Parker looks at the grocery chain's winning game plan.

Don't shut Turkey out

Talks to consider Turkey's admission to the EU have stalled. Commentator Reza Aslan says an alliance with the moderate Muslim country can only help ease tensions of the Islamophobia sweeping across Europe.

Analysts predict lukewarm PMI

The Chicago PMI measures manufacturing activity in the Midwest and today's numbers could be cause for concern, Diantha Parker reports.
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TiVo's new advertising model

The pioneer of digital video recording has announced plans to place ads at the end of recorded programming in an effort to boost revenue. Diantha Parker reports.
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Ledbetter v. Goodyear

The Supreme Court today hears arguments in a case that could change the statute of limitations in workers' discrimination lawsuits. Diantha Parker reports.
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Strong earnings expected from HP

HP comes out with its third quarter earnings today, and they're expected to be good despite the company's pretexting scandal. Diantha Parker reports.
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