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Biofuels' virgin flight an important step

As the price of oil passes $100/barrel, motorists aren’t the only ones that suffer. So does the airline industry, which has relied on cheap fuel...
Posted In: airplane travel, biofuels

Tata Nano Revolution (Part 2): Straining a squeezed global oil market

With a sticker price half of the world’s cheapest cars (like India’s Maruti and China’s Chery brands), the $2,500 Nano will probably...
Posted In: auto market, biofuels, India, Tata

Can Super Bowl XLII teach sports fans about global warming?

The biggest teach-in in the U.S. is the Super Bowl, when almost 100 million of us gather around TV sets from coast to coast and enjoy the show....
Posted In: climate education, global warming, Sports, Super Bowl

Tata Nano Revolution (Part I): environmental mitigation in an unequal world

Normally, environmentalists would praise a major automaker’s introduction of a 50 MPG car....
Posted In: China, India, Tata

Google is to Spider-Man as ... ?

In response to: Google searching for renewable energy Marketplace,® Nov. 27, 2007 Dennis Markatos-Soriano's take In Spider-Man...


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