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Economic indicators: weird weather edition

Marketplace Datebook for February 18, 2014
Posted In: snow, sahara desert

U.S. box office bombs, international movie gold

There is no exact science to figuring a movie's cache of "bomb" versus "bling" in the eyes of theatergoers.
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Educating a journalist: Is J-school worth it?

Journalism is changing, and so are J-schools. But what about all the students in the middle?
Posted In: Journalism school, media, newspapers, social media

U.S. shoppers think price, those in Asia look at the brand

When it comes to what motivates shoppers, culture can change how people think of different consumer products.
Posted In: shopping, consumer goods

Bitcoin entrepreneurs barrel ahead despite legal clouds

A crop of start ups with venture capital backing are trying to make Bitcoin more mainstream and easy to trade.
Posted In: bitcoin, Wall Street, currency

DOMA's death changes economic life today

The Supreme Court's ruling striking down DOMA will change federal tax and social security benefits for legally married gay and lesbian couples around the country.
Posted In: DOMA, gay marriage, Supreme Court, benefits

Farm worker selfies: Pics for immigration reform

The UFW's new campaign, “Photos From The Field,” encourages farm workers to take pictures of themselves with their cell phones.
Posted In: Immigration
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