Prior to working as a staff reporter at Marketplace David freelanced for Marketplace from New Orleans and St. Louis. Prior to that he worked odd jobs in Seattle, Alaska, Mexico and New York.  He lives in Los Angeles with his wife and dog.


Features by David Weinberg

Watermelon Oreos: A reason to remember 2013?

As we close out the year, we say goodbye to industry-changing successes like "Breaking Bad" and to new products no one wanted, like Watermelon Oreos.
Posted In: New Years, 2013, 2014

New Year's at Applebee's: $375 per person

If you want to spend your New Year’s Eve at Applebee's in Times Square, it'll set you back a mere $375 a head.
Posted In: New Year's eve

Weather Channel free-for-all

DirecTV has launched its own weather-related TV channel right next to the Weather Channel.
Posted In: Weather Channel, directv

Netflix declares the death of Saturday morning cartoons

Netflix comes out with its first original kids' program.
Posted In: netflix, children

Working the holiday... by choice

There are a lot of Americans working during the holidays. Not all of them do it because they have to.
Posted In: holiday, working

BP's new recipe for settlement money: Shame a famous chef

BP has long complained that its settlement money for the Deepwater Horizon spill was often spent frivolously.
Posted In: Emeril Lagasse, bp oil spill, deepwater horizon, macondo

Do we really need more Beatles releases?

No, but Apple Records does, to protect the group's copyrights.
Posted In: Beatles, copyright law

Twitter's flip flop on user blocking

Instant feedback from customers poses new challenge for companies like Twitter
Posted In: Twitter

With, phones finally begin ringing at small insurers

Many small insurers expected a bonanza of new customers when began on Oct. 1, but the website's problems made the first weeks very quiet for them.
Posted In: Health, ACA, Affordable Care Act, Obamacare, health insurers

GM's new CEO is a woman. So what? What will she do for GM?

GM is now free of the U.S. government holding at stake in it, and has named a new chief executive, its first woman but a GM lifer.
Posted In: automaker, GM, General Motors, auto industry, auto bailout


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