Prior to working as a staff reporter at Marketplace David freelanced for Marketplace from New Orleans and St. Louis. Prior to that he worked odd jobs in Seattle, Alaska, Mexico and New York.  He lives in Los Angeles with his wife and dog.


Features by David Weinberg

Will laid off construction workers return in housing boom?

The housing industry is rebounding. But will the many construction workers who lost their jobs in the downturn come back?
Posted In: construction, Housing

Why you're not getting CBS in N.Y., L.A. tonight

CBS was blacked-out for a moment on the TVs of some Time Warner Cable subscribers as the network and cable provider continue their battle over carriage fees.
Posted In: CBS, carriage fees, Time Warner Cable, cable

A realtor's tale: Selling houses after a housing crash

Kristal Wilson sold lots of houses to people during the housing boom -- and then helped them with short sales when prices collapsed as they faced foreclosure.
Posted In: Housing, housing crisis, real estate

Veterans' jobs programs close unemployment gap

New programs from American employers to hire recent veterans has done something remarkable: eliminated the vet job gap.
Posted In: military, veterans, Iraq war

What's the next leap forward for Apple?

Apple faces a business quandary: amaze the markets all over again, or compete on small improvements.
Posted In: apple, iPhone, iPad, China

A zombie housing development comes back to life

Many housing developments were mothballed when the housing bubble burst several years ago. In states like California, they're being reanimated as demand for new houses increases.
Posted In: Housing, california, development

Coup or no coup is a billion dollar question

How the Egyptian military’s takeover is viewed could have financial consequences. A federal law calls for cutting aid to a country where the military deposes a democratically elected government.
Posted In: Egypt, coup, foreign aid, Arab Spring

What makes one college a ‘best buy’ compared with others?

The latest "Fiske Guide to Colleges," includes a special list of colleges with relatively low cost and high quality academics.

NIH chimps program retired

The National Institutes of Health just announced that it's going to drastically reduce the number of chimpanzees it keeps in captivity for medical research.
Posted In: chimpanzees, animal rights

School food rules will change your vending machine

New federal rules limit vending-machine snacks in schools to 200 calories.
Posted In: school nutrition, USDA, Coke, candy bars


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