Prior to working as a staff reporter at Marketplace David freelanced for Marketplace from New Orleans and St. Louis. Prior to that he worked odd jobs in Seattle, Alaska, Mexico and New York.  He lives in Los Angeles with his wife and dog.


Features by David Weinberg


Boeing projects global air travel will double

Growth in air travel will also mean an increase in global carbon emissions.
Posted In: air travel, carbon emissions, Boeing

How resorts ended up in those oval car decals

Decals originally to mark country-of-origin came to state resort-of-choice
Posted In: stickers, wealth, cars, summer vacation

High times in Washington and Colorado

As of today, both states offer retail marijuana sales. But how do they differ?
Posted In: marijuana, Washington, Colorado State

Musicians protest movie studios recording overseas

Professional musicians in the Los Angeles aren't happy.
Posted In: Lionsgate, film industry, musician
Pump jacks

Oil from fracking may end U.S. ban on exporting oil

Ultralight oil made by fracking is seeping through cracks in the U.S. ban on oil exports.
Posted In: crude oil, OPEC

Rich politicians emphasize humble beginnings

Politicians talk about wealth in varying ways: Did you work hard, or was it luck?
Posted In: Congress

Is E3 actually mind-blowing?

At the E3 video game convention, a reporter seeks a mind-expanding experience.
Posted In: e3, video games, virtual reality

Plugging in battery makers and battery innovators

A group founded by angel investors seeks efficiency in developing new batteries.
Posted In: green jobs, environmental marketing claims, batteries
Oil Production

How big is Iraq's oil industry now?

Iraq's oil production was booming before a pipeline to Turkey was bombed.
Posted In: energy, Oil, Iraq

'Greening' construction jobs for energy efficiency

Ambitious goals for energy conservation are turning blue collar jobs "green"
Posted In: green jobs, job training, CALCTP


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