Features by David Nogueras

What's behind the high fallout rate for mortgage contracts?

Some analysts believe home buyers' willingness to take out mortgages might be running ahead of banks' willingness to lend to them. But there are likely other factors at play.
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Major wind farm opens in Oregon

One of the world's largest wind farms officially came online this week in Eastern Oregon, with 300 giant turbines spread over dozens of miles. But the announcement comes at a time of uncertainty for the industry.
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Diamond dealers shrug off "new" Russian mine

Analyst says recently declassified Russian diamond field poses little threat to prices.
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Brewers try to export Oregon's growler culture

Growlers -- big, refillable beer bottles -- are something of a way of life for beer enthusiasts in places like Oregon. Now brewers are asking other states to loosen their growler laws.
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Would a new farm bill save money?

Only if crop prices stay high, according to a recent economic study.
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Rural areas could be hard hit by postal cuts

The Postal Service is expected to post millions in losses this quarter, which would lead to the closure of hundreds of post offices across the country. Small towns could be the hardest hit.
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