Features by David Martin Davies

More fracking produces more open waste pits

Residents of a Texas town are apprehensive about sludge pits planned in their community.
Posted In: fracking, waste, texas, big oil

Texas schools districts suing state over budget cuts

The trial begins this week. Cash-starved school districts are arguing that big budget cuts violate the state constitution's guarantee of fair and adequate education for all its citizens.
Posted In: Education, texas, public school

Drought hits bread basket's food banks

Food banks across the plains are being hit with a triple whammy -- fewer donations from farmers, a decline in donations from the federal government and an uptick in demand.
Posted In: drought, food banks

Low credit scores plague Texas cities

Low incomes along with a lack of financial literacy make residents of Harlingen, Texas, susceptible to crushing credit score choices.
Posted In: Personal Finance
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