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The costs of living with HIV: One man's story

How does living with a disease like HIV affect one's financial choices?
Posted In: HIV, health care, AIDS

The horror! What movie monsters say about money

From "The Walking Dead" to "Warm Bodies," zombies have experienced a resurgence in pop culture. So why do we love to watch these mindless, murderous creatures? Plus, find out what your favorite movie monster represents financially in our interactive photo.
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We're all salespeople, so don't sell yourself short

A look at the art and science of selling yourself -- something author Daniel Pink says we all do in one way or another.
Posted In: sales, job interview, Jobs

Rethinking your investment strategy after the Dow's record high

This week, the Dow hit a record high. So what does that mean for investors?
Posted In: Dow, Investing

Steady as a rock: Real estate in Jackson, Miss.

Daffodils are starting to bloom in Jackson and that's when buyers start coming out looking for a home. We check in with a broker to see what real estate's like in Mississippi.
Posted In: Housing, Mississippi

Letters: Should I lower my credit limit?

Guest host David Lazarus answers listeners' personal finance questions including advice on what to do when a elderly relative racks up big debt late in life and whether voluntarily lowering one's credit limit can negatively affect one's credit rating.
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How will the sequester affect you?

Sequester, sequester, sequester. How much doom and gloom should everyday Americans be ready for?
Posted In: sequester, sequestration

Learning financial intimacy: What's your money type?

Money may not buy you love, but it can buy you heartache. Learn about which money type you are and how you can be more financially intimate.
Posted In: Love and money, love, couples and money

Yee-haw! Why Houston's housing market is growing so fast

Why was Houston, Texas, just named the "healthiest housing market for 2013?" Realtor Thai Klam helps explain.
Posted In: Housing, texas, Houston

Letters: Why is my refi on hold?

What should you do when your refinance request was approved, but then delayed? What are the risks of refinancing with a smaller banking institution? L.A. Times consumer columnist David Lazarus and Redfin's Glenn Kelman tackle your housing questions.
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