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Letters: Should I lower my credit limit?

Guest host David Lazarus answers listeners' personal finance questions including advice on what to do when a elderly relative racks up big debt late in life and whether voluntarily lowering one's credit limit can negatively affect one's credit rating.
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How will the sequester affect you?

Sequester, sequester, sequester. How much doom and gloom should everyday Americans be ready for?
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Learning financial intimacy: What's your money type?

Money may not buy you love, but it can buy you heartache. Learn about which money type you are and how you can be more financially intimate.
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Yee-haw! Why Houston's housing market is growing so fast

Why was Houston, Texas, just named the "healthiest housing market for 2013?" Realtor Thai Klam helps explain.
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Letters: Why is my refi on hold?

What should you do when your refinance request was approved, but then delayed? What are the risks of refinancing with a smaller banking institution? L.A. Times consumer columnist David Lazarus and Redfin's Glenn Kelman tackle your housing questions.
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Advice on applying for a re-fi or loan modification

Straight talk from a banker on what makes an application for a re-fi or a loan modification stand out in the eyes of a bank.
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Fannie, Freddie to let some underwater homeowners walk away

Mortgage heavyweights Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac have announced a bailout program for struggling homeowners who are current on their payments. If there's a pressing need to leave their property, they can just walk away.
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The Super Bowl: Pizza's biggest payday of the year

Domino's Pizza expects to sell over 11 million slices of pizza on Superbowl Sunday. What do stores do to prepare for this? David Lazarus went to a Domino's to take a look.
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Drug use and debt: A credit card for recovering addicts

A new prepaid debit card targeted at former substance abusers aims to keep the holder's spending on a very short leash.
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Letters: Do retirement calculators work?

How do you know when it's time to retire? How much do you need to retire? These are some of the questions you asked... we've got answers in our weekly letters segment.
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