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Dissatisfied customer? Assert your consumer rights

What to do when a negative customer service experience turns into a nightmare? LA Times consumer columnist David Lazarus discusses how to assert your consumer rights to achieve satisfaction.
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10 biggest frauds consumers fall for and your scam stories

Millions of Americans fall for the same common scams every day. Have you been a victim of one of these cons? Learn how to keep your cash safe by listening to the expert wisdom of those who have lost money to shifty schemers.
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'Hi, this is Rachel' -- Avoiding robocall scams

Ever picked up the phone and heard a woman on the other end with information about your credit card who sounded totally legit? Here is some advice on how to avoid being conned by these calls.
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Beware tribal payday loans

High interest payday loans are seen by critics as a fast track to endless cycles of debt for borrowers -- and there's a new breed of payday loan to watch out for.
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Furloughs: On the job, but out of work

Sequester-related furloughs went into effect this week, impacting mostly air traffic controllers employed by the federal government. How can other public servants prepare their personal finances to take on mandatory unpaid leave?
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Staying smart and safe in a world full of scams

Los Angeles Times consumer columnist offers sage advice on how to avoid fraud in all forms.
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Families face tough choices in the shadow of the Great Recession

A new HBO documentary takes a look at how millions of families have been left out in the cold in the richest country on Earth.
Posted In: tough choices, middle class, social services, American dream, documentary

Learn from immigrants... and test your knowledge

There's a lot Americans can learn from immigrants to the U.S. That includes good personal finance behavior. Plus, test your knowledge about immigration with our quiz.
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How much would you spend for a taste of home?

Foreign-born folks talk about the meals they miss most from their native cuisine.
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Atlanta real estate: Peachy keen or sour grapes?

The weather is hot in Atlanta, but is the housing market?
Posted In: Housing, Atlanta, Georgia


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