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David Gura is a reporter for Marketplace, based in the Washington, D.C. bureau. He regularly reports on Congress and the White House, economic and fiscal policy and the implementation of financial reform. Gura joined Marketplace in 2010, and enjoys helping listeners make sense of some of the biggest economic stories today. He likes the process of diving headfirst into a story and putting it together under a tight deadline, and tries to heed a piece of advice from George Packer, staff writer for The New Yorker: “Cover Washington as if it’s a foreign capital.” Prior to joining Marketplace, Gura worked at NPR as an editor and a producer, and as a reporter for “The Two-Way,” NPR’s news blog. Gura got his start in public radio in his hometown of Chapel Hill, N.C., as an intern for “The State of Things” at North Carolina Public Radio – WUNC.   Gura has received fellowships from Stanford University and the National Constitution Center. He has also participated in conferences organized by the French-American Foundation and Washington University in St. Louis.   Gura attended Cornell University, where he received his bachelor’s degree in history and American studies, with a concentration in Latin-American studies. He attended the Columbia University Graduate School of Journalism, from which he received a master’s degree.  


Features by David Gura

Aereo case has its head in the clouds

A ruling in the case against Aereo could have a lot of larger implications in the tech world.
Posted In: Aereo

Is TV streaming illegal? Aereo and the high court

The Supreme Court heard arguments about the legality of broadcast TV streaming operator Aereo.
Posted In: Aereo, scotus

Marketing to men with razors

Gillette is said to be close to unveiling a new razor with a blade that rotates on a ball hinge, the latest innovation in the high-end battle for the dollars men spend on grooming.
Posted In: razors, shaving, marketing

A 'threat' to broadcast TV heads to D.C.

The case hinges on what constitutes a public broadcast versus a private one.
Posted In: fcc, Aereo

'Consent is a fiction' in consumer contracts

Terms of service that say by being a Netflix member, you agree you can't sue the company.
Posted In: terms of service, arbitration, class action lawsuits
Obama Announces His Choice For Health and Human Services Secretary To Succeed Sebelius

'If you can run the OMB, you can run anything.'

The president has picked his budget adviser Sylvia Mathews Burwell to head HHS.
Posted In: OMB, Sebelius

Ukraine not on the agenda as IMF gathers

The situation in Ukraine is missing from the agenda for the IMF spring meetings in Washington, D.C.
Posted In: IMF, ukraine, bailout

Sebelius resigns after Obamacare woes

The HHS secretary announced she will step down after presiding over the rocky rollout of the ACA.
Posted In: health care, Obamacare, Sebelius, ACA

Why automakers are getting into healthcare

Retail, telecom and auto firms are looking at billions in healthcare spending
Posted In: big data

Weekly Wrap: The slow, grinding recovery

David Gura sits down with Felix Salmon, from Reuters, and Catherine Rampell, from The Washington Post, to wrap up the week.
Posted In: Unemployment, March jobs report, General Motors


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