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David Gura is a reporter for Marketplace, based in the Washington, D.C. bureau. He regularly reports on Congress and the White House, economic and fiscal policy and the implementation of financial reform. Gura joined Marketplace in 2010, and enjoys helping listeners make sense of some of the biggest economic stories today. He likes the process of diving headfirst into a story and putting it together under a tight deadline, and tries to heed a piece of advice from George Packer, staff writer for The New Yorker: “Cover Washington as if it’s a foreign capital.” Prior to joining Marketplace, Gura worked at NPR as an editor and a producer, and as a reporter for “The Two-Way,” NPR’s news blog. Gura got his start in public radio in his hometown of Chapel Hill, N.C., as an intern for “The State of Things” at North Carolina Public Radio – WUNC.   Gura has received fellowships from Stanford University and the National Constitution Center. He has also participated in conferences organized by the French-American Foundation and Washington University in St. Louis.   Gura attended Cornell University, where he received his bachelor’s degree in history and American studies, with a concentration in Latin-American studies. He attended the Columbia University Graduate School of Journalism, from which he received a master’s degree.  


Features by David Gura

Knox Dormitory at Davidson College

Go to college, wash your own clothes. Right?

Davidson College tells students to handle their own dirty laundry.
Posted In: Education, Davidson College, laundry, dorms
Sultan of Brunei

Why the Beverly Hills Hotel boycott could backfire

The so-called Pink Palace could weaken more than the Sultan of Brunei's will.
Posted In: Sultan of Brunei, protests, celebrities

NBC buys Olympics rights for Alibaba's treasure

Comcast will pay a reported $7.65 billion.
Posted In: Olympics, NBC, Comcast, alibaba

A comic book pioneer adjusts to the digital age

Live events and digital media as ways for comic book stores to survive.
Posted In: comics, comic books, graphic novels
Boy in South Africa

South Africans disappointed by growing inequality

A tale of two economies living in the same country.
Posted In: South Africa, elections, apartheid
Bao Bao

Can pandas jump the shark?

What it takes to reach "peak panda".
Posted In: panda, Giant Panda, Washington D.C.
Sociometric Solutions

If your company ID badge was a tracking device...

Inventors say badges let your boss know "how you really feel".
Posted In: workplace culture, employee monitoring
Ladies' Home Journal has been in print since 1883.

Bidding adieu to Ladies' Home Journal

...via an earnings call in which the entire editorial staff was fired.
Posted In: magazines, Ladies' Home Journal

The Times takes James Franco down (at least) a notch

In their words: "It's hard not to feel some sympathy for him, while also wishing that someone or something would make him stop."
Posted In: James Franco, New York Times

NFL + Hollywood = cash money

New details emerge behind the William Morris Endeavor - IMG Worldwide merger.
Posted In: WME, IMG, William Morris


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