Features by David Frum

Reacting to a recession

The Great Recession has changed the way many conservatives talk about economic policy.

It's not easy funding green

Solyndra recently declared bankruptcy. The solar firm has millions in U.S. loan guarantees. What does its failure tell us?

Let's call it Hurricane Euro

Hurricane Irene could cause more than $10 billion in damage. But there's another storm brewing that might cost more.

Building trust in Congress

Today, President Obama met with congressional leaders. The discussion focused on the deficit. But there's another issue that matters.

The Swedish lesson

Greece continues to grapple with its debt crisis. But there are other European countries that have managed to regain their economic footing in this climate.

Questioning Germany's nuclear power decision

German Chancellor Angela Merkel is in Washington D.C. for an official visit. There's one topic that should be on the agenda.

Danger in the Eurozone

Greece is a major European concern. But the country's debt crisis should alarm the U.S., too.

The Canadian answer to U.S. energy

Canada has more oil reserves than the U.S. And there's a way to get that oil here in America.

Boeing versus the National Labor Relations Board

The NLRB has filed a complaint against Boeing. It could change how companies expand their operations.

The 'not me' mentality

Today President Obama delivered a major policy address on the deficit. But can it change the national conversation on shared sacrifice?


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