Dan is a sustainability reporter for Marketplace.  He has produced multimedia and radio features for WBEZ, NPR, BBC World Service and other public-media outlets. 


Features by Dan Weissmann

The Batmobile arrives at the U.K. film premiere of "The Dark Knight."

How your car's computers can spy on you

Auto makers issue privacy standards for the data that cars collect.
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Warren Buffett, chairman of the board and CEO of Berkshire Hathaway.

Warren Buffett finds tax advantage in Duracell deal

Buffett says the rich don’t pay enough taxes, but his recent grab avoids plenty.
Posted In: Warren Buffett, Berkshire Hathaway, tax advantage, duracell, proctor&gamble
A building newly built in the architecture of imperial China stands near the cooling towers and smokestack chimneys of a coal-fired power plant on the outskirts of Beijing.

Why the U.S.-China climate deal isn't crazy ambitious

The U.S. commitments for reducing carbon emissions are mostly already in place.
Posted In: China, carbon emissions, emissions cap
2014 Dodge Ram

With gas prices down, we're buying more SUVs

Car buyers are impulsive, but not necessarily 'dumb.'
Posted In: crude oil, gas prices, consumer spending, consumer behavior
 Dell CEO Michael Dell delivers a keynote address during the 2013 Oracle Open World conference.

Dell reboots as a private company

Michael Dell launches his newly private Dell computer company.
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MIT held its graduation on its campus. Ira Winder supports a lego skyscraper skyline on his cap.

Good news for college seniors. Sorry, 2009 grads.

Those who graduated in down years don't benefit as much when the economy recovers.
Posted In: college graduate, salaries, job boom, new graduates, first job

Want the best price online? Good luck with that.

It's tough to detect or beat systems that show you "personalized" prices for products
Posted In: online shopping, Home Depot, Sears, online travel

How long does Twitter have to not become MySpace?

If it doesn't turn a profit at some point, it'll get left behind.
Posted In: Twitter, Twitter IPO, MySpace, Facebook

Southwest tries to get back on schedule

An attempt to squeeze out extra profits created turbulence.
Posted In: southwest, Airlines
A customer pumps gas at a Chevron station over the summer in Mill Valley, California. The GAO recently endorsed the export of U.S. petroleum, saying it will help drive down gas prices.

Yes, U.S. oil exports would cut gas prices. Probably.

It's hard to know where prices will be a year from now
Posted In: gas prices, big oil, exports, U.S. exports


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