Dan is a sustainability reporter for Marketplace.  He has produced multimedia and radio features for WBEZ, NPR, BBC World Service and other public-media outlets. 


Features by Dan Weissmann


What, exactly, Alibaba does

Alibaba isn't a Chinese version of Amazon.
Posted In: alibaba, investors, China, IPO

For personal finance advice, ask a millennial

A new report says millennials are making savvy use of debit cards to avoid debt.
Posted In: millennial, Credit card, cash, Personal Finance

What is 4chan?

4chan is an anarchic website where anonymity plays out in several directions.
Posted In: website, celebrity
Morgan Stanley

Why Morgan Stanley is buying up diesel in Europe

In July and August, the bank has been shopping for, and buying, diesel every day.
Posted In: Morgan Stanley, diesel, Banks
Sign outside the Havas Chicago office: Do not pet the interns

Summer interns as art installation

An ad agency displays its Instagram-chosen interns like art.
Posted In: intern, ad campaign, instagram
Mexican sugar

US sugar policy leaves sour taste for candy makers

New tariffs are another policy win for U.S. growers, and prices will stay high.
Posted In: tariffs, Mexico, sugar

4 questions to ask if you're offered a late-career buyout

Congratulations, you're being offered a buyout. Is that... good?
Posted In: cnn, buyout, Retirement

High school will keep starting too early. Here's why.

Too little sleep is a health hazard, but school boards aren't changing.
Posted In: sleep, teenagers, high school

Where all those charges on your phone bill come from

A bunch of them are taxes - and a bunch are extra fees that just look like taxes.
Posted In: Taxes, cell phones, bills, hidden fees

Baseball players make out like one-percenters

Like other top earners, their pay went up much faster than the average worker's.
Posted In: baseball, Sports, business of sports


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