Dan is a sustainability reporter for Marketplace.  He has produced multimedia and radio features for WBEZ, NPR, BBC World Service and other public-media outlets. 


Features by Dan Weissmann

Burns And Tester Square Off In Montana Senate Race

Wal-Mart: Everday low (organic?) prices

Wal-Mart is challenging stores like Whole Foods with a new line of cheaper organic foods.
Posted In: organics
Comcas customer service center in California

Comcast says it needs to get bigger to compete

Comcast says it needs a Time Warner Cable merger to take on Google and Apple.
Posted In: Comcast, Time Warner Cable, mergers

Banco Popular retreats toward its home base

The bank may shed its branches in Chicago and L.A.
Posted In: banking

Is this town the Luxembourg of Illinois sales tax?

Companies based in Chicago record sales in Kankakee and other towns outside the city to lower tax bills.
Posted In: Chicago, Taxes

Keating's legacy, from John McCain to a camp classic

Remembering Charles Keating, a well-known face of the 80s-90s S&L crisis.
Posted In: Charles Keating, Alan Greenspan, John McCain

High-frequency trading in the spotlight

'Moneyball' author says HFT traders skim away others' profits
Posted In: HFT, trading, stock market, Michael Lewis, book

Unpaid water bill? Detroit will turn off the tap

Half the bankrupt city's residents are delinquent on their water bills. Businesses, schools and the city itself owe more than $50 million in unpaid water bills.
Posted In: water, utilities, Detroit, bankruptcy

Outsourcing the NSA's phone-call database

Under proposals leaked this week, the National Security Agency would stop its blanket collection of phone-call data. Instead, phone companies would keep records, to be provided on court-sanctioned demand.
Posted In: national security agency, surveillance, telecom

Amazon Prime could be too popular?

Analysts say Amazon could lose money by making its customers too loyal.
Posted In: Amazon Prime, Amazon

Why the Federal Reserve is vague about interest rates

Fed Chair Janet Yellen loves transparency, to a point.
Posted In: Janet Yellen, Federal Reserve, Fed


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