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Dan is a sustainability reporter for Marketplace.  He has produced multimedia and radio features for WBEZ, NPR, BBC World Service and other public-media outlets. 


Features by Dan Weissmann

Should we get rid of the NFL blackout rule?

In three NFL playoff games (out of four), hometown fans could have had their playoff games blacked out this weekend.
Posted In: NFL, playoffs, Green Bay Packers, Cincinnati Bengals, Indianapolis Colts

IBM was the only Dow company to fall in 2013, and yet ...

The Dow’s 2013 record would have been even higher but for IBM’s showing. What about Big Blue made it miss the market's rally?
Posted In: IBM, cloud computing

Illinois law limits ways police can use drones

On Jan. 1, the Freedom from Drone Surveillance Act goes into effect in Illinois.
Posted In: drones

Hey commuters, your taxes are going up next year

Starting on Jan. 1, the maximum monthly tax benefits commuters can get for mass transit is set to drop.
Posted In: commuting, Taxes

Where can I recycle all this wrapping paper?

That dramatic increase in deliveries this time of year means an increase in the trash from all the packaging.
Posted In: packaging

$40 million fund for victims of Bangladesh garment tragedy

Families of victims of the fire, and survivors, could receive an average of $25,000 from a new compensation fund. How far does that go in Bangladesh?
Posted In: Rana Plaza, garment factory

So, what happens -- and to whom -- if Congress doesn't extend unemployment benefits?

1.3 million people take an immediate hit, but that number would go up throughout the year.
Posted In: unemployment benefits, Congress

Is the U.S. ready to become an oil exporter?

Exxon and other oil companies say, “Heck, yes.”
Posted In: Oil, U.S. exports, fracking

Budget deal aims to raise more for pension guarantees

The Pension Benefit Guaranty Corporation backs up about 44 million people’s retirements … and it’s got problems.
Posted In: federal budget, sequestration

The NSA’s virtual spies in 'World of Warcraft' -- on a fool’s mission?

Virtual worlds already have “bad guys” -- and company spies.
Posted In: nsa, NSA leaks, World of Warcraft


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