Dan is a sustainability reporter for Marketplace.  He has produced multimedia and radio features for WBEZ, NPR, BBC World Service and other public-media outlets. 


Features by Dan Weissmann

Never again ask, 'Where can I find the ... ?' It will find you.

Apple activated tracking beacons in its stores, the latest retailer to enable micro-location technology.
Posted In: Micro-location, mapping, Apple Store

A smartphone with two screens? Sure, why not?

Really, is a second screen on the phone's back a useful innovation -- or a gimmick?
Posted In: smartphone, innovation

Australia to Archer Daniels Midland: No

The Australian government blocks the American food-processing giant from acquiring Australia's biggest grain distributor
Posted In: Australia, Agriculture, farming, Food

Two words that cancel airline flights: Wintry Mix

Airlines try to react sooner when big storms barrel down at peak travel periods like Thanksgiving.
Posted In: Airlines, holiday travel

Insurance brokers: Obamacare is like.... (pick a metaphor)

As insurance brokers navigate the new system, they're not comparing it to a summer's day.
Posted In: Obamacare, navigators

For sale: the domain-name mutualfunds.com. Asking price: $1 million or more.

At auction tonight, the domain name won't break 2013's record unless it fetches more than$4.7 million.
Posted In: dot com boom, top-level domains, ICANN

Where's the beef? (Raised, slaughtered and processed?)

Meatpackers and ranchers are fighting each other over new labeling rules.
Posted In: ranching, meatpacking, food safety

In Chicago, piles of petroleum coke suggest the future of Canadian tar sands oil

A byproduct of refining gasoline clouds the skies of a South Side Chicago neighborhood.
Posted In: petroleum-based, Koch, BP, Chicago, Environment

In memoriam: The first of many Tennessee Valley Authority coal plants

The coal-fired plants being retired by the Tennessee Valley Authority are more than 50 years old.
Posted In: coal, natgas, air pollution

Recycling? Don't overdo it.

Recycling is expensive but good -- up to a point.
Posted In: recycling


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