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U.S. taxpayers now own Citigroup stock

Citigroup says this morning, it reached a deal that gives U.S. taxpayers 36 percent stake in the bank. Bill Radke goes deeper into the deal with Marketplace's Dan Grech, who explains why the administration moved forward with the plan.
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Fannie Mae seeks its federal lifeline

Fannie Mae reported yesterday it lost nearly $60 billion last year. Now, the government-backed mortgage company is tapping its federal line of credit. Dan Grech reports how much the company will need to stay afloat.
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Budget stashes billions 'just in case'

President Obama unveils his budget today to Congress -- a 10-year spending plan which includes $250 billion for the reeling banking system, "just in case." Dan Grech reports the current bailout doesn't cover everything.

Wall Street nervous about Obama plan

President Barack Obama told a joint session of Congress last night that his plan is to help people, not banks. But Wall Street traders are getting nervous about overspending. Dan Grech reports.

JP Morgan slashes its dividend

JP Morgan Chase, the second-largest U.S. bank and also one of its healthiest, slashed its dividend and knocked payments down to a nickel. CEO Jamie Dimon called the move a precaution. Dan Grech reports.
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Government could own more of Citi

Federal officials are considering a move to buy up about 40 percent of Citigroup. The move would not use any additional taxpayer money. Dan Grech explains how larger government stake could help the troubled bank.
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Explaining 'Buy American' to Canada

President Obama heads to Canada today, where he'll have six hours to explain what the "Buy American" provision in the stimulus package means. Dan Grech explores the strong trading relationship the two countries share.
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Stanford fraud hurts confidence

The Securities and Exchange Commission has frozen the assets of businessman R. Allen Stanford, who is accused of an $8 billion fraud. Aside from the deep financial wound, investor confidence has also been hit. Dan Grech reports.
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Fewer small vendors head to Toy Fair

The annual American International Toy Fair in New York kicked off last weekend, and 100 fewer exhibitors are attending over last year. Among those not there this year are the mom and pop shops. Dan Grech reports.
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Stimulus tax cuts will come weekly

President Obama will sign the stimulus package into law today, which will include $400 in tax rebates this year and next for every citizen. But instead of a lump sum, the money will be doled out weekly. Dan Grech reports.


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