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Mexico seeks to calm tourists' fears

Mexico's tourism industry is launching a counter-offensive in the wake of rising drug-trade violence. It's trying to lure tourists who may have been scared by negative news reports. Dan Grech reports.
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Loan help starts on foreclosure wave

The Treasury has finally launched its $75 billion loan modification program to help struggling homeowners, and analysts predict the biggest wave of foreclosures is yet to hit. Dan Grech reports.
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Trade, investing top issues in Mexico

President Obama heads to Mexico on his way to the Summit of the Americas, where drug violence, trade and the devaluation of the peso are central concerns. Steve Chiotakis talks to Marketplace's Dan Grech.
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A little stress over bank test results

The Obama administration wants to be open about the health of the nation's 19 largest financial institutions. But how does it reveal information about low-scoring banks without prompting runs on them? Dan Grech reports.
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Obama to address the road ahead

President Obama will be speaking at Georgetown University today and will likely emphasize the financial crisis. He's expected to be hopeful and lay out plans for the housing and credit markets. Dan Grech gives us a preview.

GM making back-up bankruptcy plan

On top of restructuring, the U.S. Treasury wants General Motors to get its paperwork in order for a bankruptcy plan. Marketplace's Dan Grech explains to Steve Chiotakis what GM is hoping for out of this parallel process.
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Banks mixing bailout with high fees

A government oversight committee has launched an investigation into the hiking of interest rates and fees at banks that took bailout cash. But banks are unapologetic about heightened charges. Dan Grech reports where fees are particularly bad.
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Florida condos falling on blacklist

A group of condos have made a creditor blacklist for their involvement with speculators or prices in freefall. The issue is a result of new Fannie Mae lending practices and could shut down 1 in 4 Miami condos. Dan Grech reports.
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Baseball tries selling with star power

The baseball player's union is trying a new approach to selling merchandise at Citi Field in New York. Items at The Players Clubhouse must include a star player's name or likeness. Dan Grech explores how this might work.
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Copper rising on Chinese infrastructure

The World Copper Conference wraps up today in Chile, and prices have seen their biggest quarterly gain since 2006. Analysts blame China's infrastructure projects for the rally. Dan Grech reports.


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