Dan Gorenstein is the senior reporter for Marketplace’s Health Desk, covering the business of healthcare.

Prior to Marketplace, Dan spent more than 11 years at New Hampshire Public Radio. He got his start in journalism at the Chicago Reporter; an investigative journal that examines race and class disparities in the Chicago area. He’s won numerous national and local awards, including the Society of Professional Journalist Sigma Delta Chi investigative reporting award.

You can follow him on Twitter at @dmgorenstein.


Features by Dan Gorenstein

Tapping Watson's computing power for health

Apple, IBM, Medtronic and Johnson & Johnson are partnering up.
Posted In: health data, medical care, IBM

Tallying the return investments in medical records

The feds say they aren't getting their money's worth.
Posted In: patient, federal government, data collection

The world of e-books is your oyster

How this company may challenge Amazon's industry standing.
Posted In: ebooks, Amazon, Netflx
A push is being made to make healthcare related costs more transparent.

A push for transparency in healthcare pricing

Prices often remain a mystery in the $3 trillion a year healthcare sector.
Posted In: healthcare, hidden fees, doctors
A doctor at work

Challenges remain, even after the 'Doc Fix' gets fixed

Doctors will need new IT infrastructure to deal with proposed changes.
Posted In: Medicare, Congress, Health
Hisham Uadadeh walks out of Leading Insurance Agency after enrolling in a health insurance plan under the Affordable Care Act.

The health insurance industry looks...well, healthy

A new report finds that the health insurance business model has adapted to the ACA.
Posted In: ACA, health insurers, premium

Why so much hangs on the Fed's choice of words

We’ll get the latest read Wednesday on when the interest rates could be going up.
Posted In: interest rates, Federal Reserve, housing market

Romneycare helps reform how doctors are paid

A paradigm shift in healthcare spending is already starting in Massachusetts.
Posted In: federal government, doctors, Mitt Romney
The FDA proposes raising the legal age to buy cigarettes to 21.

Despite headwinds, tobacco industry is still thriving

A new report suggests the legal age to buy cigarettes should jump from 18 to 21.
Posted In: tobacco, public health, smoking

Google launches new cloud ‘cold storage’ service

“Nearline” offers faster retrieval for older data.
Posted In: Google, cloud, storage


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