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Why fast-food workers struggle to unionize

A walk-out by workers at several fast-food chains in New York marks latest effort to organize an industry with high worker turnover.
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In insider trading cases, getting to the top of the food chain

Insider trading charges could be coming to one of the nation’s biggest hedge funds: SAC Capital Advisors. But will investigators implicate the hedge fund's owner?
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If it's Monday, name that shopping day

Branded shopping days clutter the week that starts on Thanksgiving eve. With so many gimmicks, what’s the value of each one?
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Cleveland Plain Dealer reporters launch pre-emptive strike

Expecting an end to daily publication, the paper's journalists are trying to get public support before cuts are announced.
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Hostess closes, liquidators poised to move in

Hostess, maker of Twinkies, won court approval to wind down. Who will sell of its brands and factories? Companies called liquidators.
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Rally suggests fiscal cliff deal is done

Wall Street rallies on optimism that a deal will be reached to avoid the fiscal cliff. Nevermind that Congress is on recess and Obama is in Asia.
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BP to cop to criminal charges in Gulf oil spill

BP to pay $4.5 billion to settle criminal charges related to Deepwater Horizon. But what does it mean when a company is a felon?
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Firms point finger at Sandy for poor results

The recent storm is being blamed by firms who see a drop in profits or performance, but some doubt the poor results can really be blamed on the weather.
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Business loses little sleep over fiscal cliff

Headlines aside, many businesspeople play down the threat of the fiscal cliff. Some worry a political compromise could be worse.
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New York landlords urged to house Sandy victims

Government officials are working with New York City landlords on a plan to house storm victims in vacant apartments.
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