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Spam maker Hormel to buy Skippy peanut butter

The company best known for canned and deli meats is taking Skippy off the hands of the huge food conglomerate Unilever for a cool $700 million.
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Delay of federal Sandy relief package to squeeze state budgets

A $60 billion Sandy relief package passed the Senate in December, but House leadership reneged on its pledge to pass the bill before the end of the session.
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Avis to buy Zipcar for $500 million

Avis Budget Group, one of the largest car-rental companies, will merge its traditional car rental services with Zipcar's up-start model.
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Fiscal cliff deal raises payroll tax

The 2 percent payroll tax rise means that a person who earns $50,000 a year will pay $1,000 more in taxes.
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How the markets signal Washington

Come Monday, if there’s no fiscal cliff deal, the best way for people to indicate their unhappiness is the markets.
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Fiscal cliff aside, payroll tax holiday to end

For two years, paychecks have been a little fatter thanks to a payroll-tax cut. But did it stimulate the economy, and what happens when it goes away?
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Netflix, Amazon typify corporate 'coopetition'

Whether it’s Netflix and Amazon, or Apple and Google, companies that start off cooperating can turn into fierce competitors.
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Windows 8 sales soft in changing market

Microsoft launched Windows 8 to capture a share of the touch screen computing market. But PC sales are down and tablet competition is stiff
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Delta swamped with flight attendant applicants

Delta has at least 22,000 applicants for 400 flight attendant openings. Flying may have lost its glamour, but a job in the skies has other benefits.
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Japanese electronic brands lose luster

How many Sony, Panasonic or Sharp gadgets did you buy this year? Japan’s electronics giants have lost their competitiveness -- and perhaps creativity.
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