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When is hummus really hummus?

Sabra wants the FDA to decide what is and is not hummus.
Posted In: hummus, Sabra

Superfood fads: Super distracting for global farmers?

What miracle "superfood" trends mean for developing countries' agriculture.
Posted In: super food, moringa, philippines, Agriculture

Manhattan gets its first Dairy Queen

Will this arrival bring more than a Blizzard?
Posted In: Dairy Queen, ice cream, manhattan, New York City
NCAA Men's Final Four - Previews

NCAA academic rules hit smaller, poor colleges

The NCAA is penalizing more than 30 college teams for poor academic performance. None are in the power conferences for football or basketball.
Posted In: NCAA, college football
Navy eReader

Navy sailors get an e-reader called 'NeRD'

The Navy is giving submarine crews very expensive tablets that let sailors read pre-loaded books.
Posted In: navy, military, Kindle, e-books

In the U.S., a water main breaks every two minutes

Last year, the country’s infrastructure got a grade of D+.
Posted In: infrastructure, water

What do meteorologists think about climate change?

Many Americans get their weather and climate information from TV weather casters.
Posted In: weather, forecasting, climate change, Barack Obama
A Target in Springfield, Virginia

What a new CEO at Target will face

Target's new CEO will face more than just the aftermath of a giant credit card breach.
Posted In: Target, Gregg Steinhafel, CEOs

Jack Bauer's brand-new iPad?

A lot has changed in our tech lives since counter-terrorism agent Jack Bauer left the air.
Posted In: Jack bauer, Kiefer Sutherland, 24
Android booth

Android Silver: Forcing manufacturers to toe Google's line

Giving away the Android operating system has almost been too successful for Google.
Posted In: Google, android, smart phones


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