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Acid rain aftermath: damaged ecology, damaged politics

Why reducing acid in rain is just the first step in recovery.
Posted In: acid rain, pollution, Environment

Walmart to highlight women-owned businesses

Will a special logo for women-owned businesses combat or perpetuate stereotypes?
Posted In: Walmart, women in management
United States v. Germany

'TV Everywhere' is sometimes TV nowhere

Why does ESPN's online streaming choke at the worst possible time?
Posted In: tv everywhere, World Cup
Nike Football ad

Advertising at the World Cup is a different ball game

There aren't as many breaks for 30-second puppy ads.
Posted In: World Cup, advertising, business of sports
Online gambling

Online poker could get a second chance in U.S.

A deal between a Canadian company and the owner of sites like PokerStars may clear the way for online poker to return to the U.S.
Posted In: online poker, gambling

What is Amazon? Whatever Amazon wants to be

Amazon’s streaming music, making its own Kindles and releasing its own smartphone.
Posted In: Amazon, Amazon Prime, music streaming

Tesla: we're not car dealerships

Tesla says its New Jersey showrooms aren't a threat to car dealerships.
Posted In: tesla, cars, automobiles, car dealers

Fewer homeowners drowning in mortgage debt

New data shows the number of American homeowners underwater continues to decline.
Posted In: mortgage crisis, home equity
Skype Translator

Lost in translation? Skype hopes not

Skype will introduce a new translation software that works in real time.
Posted In: skype, translation, Microsoft

When is hummus really hummus?

Sabra wants the FDA to decide what is and is not hummus.
Posted In: hummus, Sabra


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