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People walk by a window sticker advertising Visa and MasterCard credit cards in San Francisco, California.

Some new credit cards are more secure than others

Not all new cards with security chips also have PINs.
Posted In: Credit Cards, hackers, security chips, Banks

In online dating, one company is the big matchmaker

IAC/InterActiveCorp owns, OkCupid, Tinder,HowAboutWe and more.
Posted In: online dating, IAC, Tinder,

Don't bother shopping around for your contact lenses

Johnson & Johnson stops retailers from discounting its Acuvue lenses
Posted In: contact lenses, eyeglasses, unilateral pricing, competition

New sanctions against Russia could hurt US firms

So far, the US hasn't been hit too hard.
Posted In: Russia, sanctions, ukraine

'Ace' Greenberg and the rise (and fall) of Bear Stearns

Alan Greenberg rose from clerk to CEO of Bear Stearns before its stunning fall.
Posted In: Bear Stearns, Ace, banking crisis

No easy solutions for child migrant crisis

Solving the problem requires dealing with the root causes.
Posted In: Immigration, Barack Obama

What are companies doing with all that cash?

Giants like Google and Apple and Pfizer are raking it in. But where is the money going?
Posted In: business, Microsoft, apple

Young adults choose to save cash instead of investing

More than older people, those in their 20s shy away from the stock market.
Posted In: Personal Finance, Investing, millennials

Acid rain: What made Cap and Trade work

Lessons from one of the more successful U.S. environmental legislative projects.

Acid rain: what it takes to stop pollution

"You could sing in the rain, walk in the rain, and then the rain was acid..."
Posted In: acid rain, air pollution, environmentalists


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