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Overdraft charges and fees aren't as profitable as they used to be

The banking industry is taking in fewer profits from fees, but that doesn't mean they're going anywhere.
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Alibaba could become the largest IPO. Ever.

What's the big deal and how will Alibaba keep shares afloat once trading starts?
Posted In: chinese, alibaba, Internet

Fixing an aging infrastructure can cost billions

Crises like the water-main break at UCLA expose faults in city infrastructure.
Posted In: groundwater, flood, ucla, infrastructure

Can you sue GoPro if you crash your bike?

Devices and apps will face lawsuits from daredevils, but probably won't lose.
Posted In: GoPro, lawsuits, Sports

Congress could hit dead end with highway funding

The Highway Trust Fund could be slashed in August, unless Congress acts soon.
Posted In: Transportation, highways

With credit card debt, not all states are equal

What factors contribute to people in certain states holding more credit card debt?
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What does the Fed chair worry about? Slack

Janet Yellen is concerned about the lack of jobs for un-and-underemployed workers.
Posted In: Federal Reserve, slack, employment
'Hard Choices'

The economics behind a celebrity's book

Sales of “Hard Choices” slipped significantly after its first week on sale.
Posted In: hillary clinton, celebrity
Airbus A380

Airbus just can't take flight

Sales of Airbus long-haul planes have been grounded lately.
Posted In: air lines, Airbus, Airbus A380

The biggest match in the World Cup: Nike vs. Adidas

The World Cup is a rare opportunity to market products to the entire world.
Posted In: Nike, Adidas, World Cup, soccer


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