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Greece closer to avoiding a messy default

A deal might be drawing near to reducing Greece's debt, and hopefully avoid further crisis in the eurozone.
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Costs of protection against piracy rise

A study out today shows piracy off the coast of Somalia dropped last year.
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Talks planned over ownership of 'space junk'

The Obama Administration announced yesterday that the U.S. will hold international talks on space junk, that debris left over from human activity in space that poses a risk to satellites, astronauts, and those of here on earth.
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Airbus outpaces rival Boeing on 2011 plane orders

Airbus checked off orders for over 1,400 new planes in 2011, while Boeing only tallied up order for around 800 new planes last year.
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French nuclear power export hopes dim

France claims it has designed the world's safest nuclear reactors, but last year's nuclear disaster in Fukushima, Japan, dealt export hopes a blow.
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EU considers tighter Internet privacy rules

Social media sites such as Facebook could be affected.
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Poland sees China links as key to growth

Poland has prospered in recent years as many European nations fell into debt. It sees partnership with China as a key element in sustaining growth.
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Germany OK in tough European holiday season

Austerity is the rule as many European nations deal with the continent’s debt crisis. Germany is doing relatively well.
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OPEC agrees on oil output limit

The Organization of Petroleum Exporting Countries has agreed on an output limit, and it looks like gas prices will remain high for the time being.
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French nuclear giant Areva to slash 1,500 jobs

After the disaster in Fukushima, nuclear energy is less popular than it once was. Now, the nuclear company Areva will take drastic cost-cutting measures.
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