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No riots, but Ireland feels the pain of austerity

Ireland is tackling its debt crisis with a harsh program of austerity measures. The Irish are not rioting, as the Greeks did, but they are hurting.
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Guinness, Johnnie Walker owner sees rising profits

Diageo, the alcoholic drinks giant that owns brands like Guinness and Johnnie Walker, says that its profits rose 15 percent last year despite flat sales in beleaguered Europe.
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Irish citizens boycott new homeowners tax

Packed, town hall-style meetings have sprung up all across Ireland over the past several weeks.
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Nokia announces more layoffs

Nokia is to Finland what General Motors once was to the U.S. But as the company fades, it opens up room for new, smaller tech companies to matter.
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Budget cuts could hurt defense contractors

Federal spending on defense could soon be drawn back, and private companies that make military equipment will have to look elsewhere for customers.
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French authorities investigate dangerous implants

France, where today authorities arrested the founder of a company that sold faulty breast implants to women all over the world.
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Mid-day Extra: Where can Nokia go next?

Nokia reported poor earnings today, losing over $1 billion at the end of 2011 -- but it still hopes to turn things around with its Microsoft partnership.
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The 'Occupy Igloo' movement

Tomorrow, global leaders will descend on the snow-covered ski town of Davos in Switzerland. Protestors from the Occupy Movement have set up camp there.
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A bittersweet moment for the cocoa market

The price of cocoa has started to fall around the world as demand has dropped off -- but these prices might not last for long.
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IKEA posts record profits for 2011

Despite the global downturn, and more recently, the European debt crisis, IKEA has continued to thrive as a global business.
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