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Expense list embarrasses UK politicians

A list revealing British lawmakers' expense claims is causing some embarrassment. The list was leaked to Britain's Daily Telegraph, and includes some questionable items. Christopher Werth reports.

Crisis puts damper on E.U. celebration

Today marks the five-year anniversary of the single largest expansion of the European Union. But the global economic crisis hindered many countries from getting the type of stability they'd hoped for. Christopher Werth reports.

Exploring full-on travel ban in outbreak

European ministers will wait until after E.U. health officials' meeting today to decide whether or not to impose a ban on travel. But is a full-on travel ban really necessary? Christopher Werth reports.
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Shell still forging ahead with production

Royal Dutch Shell says profits fell 58 percent in the first quarter from the same time last year. But oil analysts say the company has come in ahead of consensus and future production is looking good. Christopher Werth reports.
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A trade-off to lift Swiss secrecy laws

U.S. officials are meeting in Switzerland this morning to hammer out a new tax treaty that would shed more light on Americans with Swiss accounts. In return, Switzerland hopes the U.S. will drop its legal case against UBS. Christopher Werth reports.

Swine flu boosts drug maker profits

Drug manufacturers Roche and GlaxoSmithKline are seeing a rise in the markets this morning on the continued worldwide reaction to swine flu. Both drug makers are ready to deploy their stockpiles. Christopher Werth reports.
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European hit-makers still getting paid

The European Union Parliament voted to extend recording copyrights from 50 years to 70, helping ensure older musicians continue to get royalty checks for old hits. Christopher Werth reports.
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The root of Credit Suisse's latest profits

Swiss bank Credit Suisse profits were double analysts' expectations in the past quarter. Some analysts say it's because Switzerland's second-largest bank is no longer writing down assets. Christopher Werth reports.
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Car scrapping isn't always for upgrade

The U.K. is considering a program that would pay drivers nearly $3,000 to trade in their old cars for new ones. But the proposal wouldn't guarantee that the new vehicle be a fuel-efficient model. Christopher Werth reports.
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Positive news for German economy

A study finds investor confidence is positive in Germany, thanks to stimulus efforts low inflation helping consumer spending. But the average German might need more to persuade them things are turning around. Christopher Werth reports.


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