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Britain pumps more cash into economy

The Bank of England has already injected over $200 billion into the U.K.'s economy. Now it's decided to increase that program by adding nearly $85 billion more. Is it worth it? Christopher Werth reports.

Why U.K.'s Lloyds is posting a huge loss

Lloyds Banking is reporting a $12 billion loss for the first half of 2009. The bank is struggling due to a purchase it made earlier in the year. Christopher Werth reports.

Swiss bank UBS suffers big loss

Switzerland's biggest bank, UBS, is posting a higher than expected loss for its second quarter. Christopher Werth reports.

Upside: Infomercials tuned in to profits

Infomercial producer John Barnes explains how and why his business is doing well despite the recession.

London bends for Olympic sponsors

The economic downturn means a short supply of sponsors for London's Summer Olympic games in 2012. Those sponsors that are sticking it out are making sure they're getting as much bang for their buck as possible. Christopher Werth reports.
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To save cash, Ryanair gets creative

Air carrier Ryanair says it can cut another 20 percent off ticket prices by creating a "standing-room only" space. Christopher Werth explains how the airline CEO is using wacky ideas and headlines to the company's advantage.
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What works for U.S. might not for E.U.

Treasury Secretary Tim Geithner heads to Italy this week for a finance meeting, where he'll press the E.U. to put its banks to the test. But Christopher Werth reports why a standardized approach could actually hurt Europe.

Europeans vote with economy in mind

The economy topped the list of concerns for the 375 million people who voted in the European elections. Christopher Werth reports.

Economic skeptics rule E.U. polls

Voting wrapped up over the weekend for the European Parliament, and the biggest winners amongst the were the parties of the center right. Christopher Werth explains the role the economy played in the election.

U.K. cop sting could bust you for bling

Police in one British town are hoping to nab criminals by asking residents to report their suspiciously glamorous neighbors with a controversial message: "Too Much Bling, Give Us A Ring." Christopher Werth reports.
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